Program in Comparative Literature

Job Placement

Name Dissertation Title Current Institution Current Position
Spring 2002
Juan Carlos Ubilluz Sacred Eroticism: Georges Bataille and Pierre Klossowski in Latin Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Contracted Teacher, Academic Department of Humanities - Language and Literature Section
Jung-Ho Yoon Images of American Soldiers in Korean and American Fiction: A Comparative Study    
Spring 2004
Elena Garcia-Martin Negotiating Golden Age Tradition Since the Spanic Second Republic Performing National, Political, and Social Identities North Central College Associate Professor, Spanlish Language and Culture and Comparative Literature
Fall 2004
Jean Love El Harim Translating Nouzha Fassi Fihri's La Baroudeuse: A Case Study in Post-Colonial Translation Texas Education Agency Program Specialist
Molly Zaldivar Boccaccio and Romance University of Texas at San Antonio Senior Lecturer, Italian
Spring 2005
Robert Lesman Agendas of Translation: Wallace Stevens, T.S. Eliot and Allen Tate in Origenes: Revista de Arte y Literatura (1944-56) Shippensburg University Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Modern Languages
Summer 2005
Margarita Marinova Visitation Rights (and Wrongs). Americans and Russians Discover Each Other in Narratives of Travel Between 1867 and 1905 Christopher Newport University Associate Professor, Department of English
Lida Oukaderova The Currency of Representation: Money and Literature in Russia, 1917-1935 Rice University Associate Professor, Department of Art History
Paula Sanmartín "Custodians of History": (Re)Construction of Black Women as Historical and Literary Subjects in Afro-American and Afro-Cuban Women's Writing Fresno State University Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
Fall 2005
Marike Janzen Messenger Writers: Author Position, the International Left, and the Cold War University of Kansas Associate Professor, Humanities Program
Douglas Norman Performing That-Which-Will-Become Posthuman and Queer Bodies in the Works of Heinrich Von Kleist and Oscar Wilde    
Fall 2006
Laura Sager Writing and Filming the Painting: Ekphrasis in Literature and Film    
Summer 2007
Russell St. Clair Cobb Our Man in Paris: Mundo Nuevo, The Cuban Revolution, and the Politics of Cultural Freedom University of Alberta, Canada Associate Professor, Spanish and Latin American Studies
Rebecca Lorins Inheritance: Kinship and the Performance of Sudanese Identities University of Juba Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Humanities
Vessela Valiavitchaarska Rhetoric and Rhythm in Byzantine Homilies University of Maryland Associate Professor, Department of English
Spring 2008
Hyunjung Lee Global Fetishism: Dynamics of Transnational Performances in Contemporary South Korea Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka Professor, College of Foreign Studies
Summer 2008
Chang Tan Playing Cards with Cezanne: How the Contemporary Artists of China Copy and Recreate Penn State University Associate Professor of Art History and Asian Studies
Hulya Yildiz Literature as Public Sphere: Gender and Sexuality in Ottoman Turkish Novels and Journals Middle East Technical University Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Language Education
Fall 2008
Kai-man Chang Disrupting Boundaries of Desire: Gender, Sexuality, and Globalization in Tsai Ming-Liang's Cinema of the Opressed Tulane University Ajunct Professor, Department of Communication
Moira Di Mauro-Jackson Decadence as a Social Critique in Huysman's, D-Annunzio, and Wilde Texas State University Senior Lecturer, Department of World Languages and Literatures
Jennifer Philips Traces of Beckett: Gestures of Emptiness and Imptence in the Theater of Koltes, Kane, De La Parra and Durang    
Spring 2009
Ingrid Lelos The Spirit in the Flesh: The Translation of German Pietist Imagery into Anglo-American Cultures    
Matthew Russell Feeling Forgotten: The Survival of Romantic Memory in Charlotte Smith, William Godwin, and Walter Scott, 1784-1815 University of Texas at Austin Educational Consultant, Blended and Digital Pedagogy, Faculty Innovation Center
Spring 2010
Pilar Cabrera Fonte "Altamente Teatral:" Subject, Nation, and Media in the Works of Virgilio Pinera Augustana College, Sioux Falls Professor, Modern Foreign Languages
Alexei Lalo Representing Sexualities and Eroticism: Russian Literature and Culture of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Arizona State University, Tempe Postdoctoral Fellow in Slavic Center
Amena Moinfar Reconciliations: Memory and Mediation in Narratives of Postcolonial and Second Generations University of New Hampshire Lecturer, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Marina Potoplyak Between Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: Print, National Identity, and the Literary Public Sphere in the 1920s Petersburg and Buenos Aires University of Texas at Austin Senior Lecturer, Russian Studies
Summer 2010
Christopher Micklethwait Faits Divers: National Culture and Modernism in Third World Literary Magazines    
Li Yang The Second Wave of Chinese Art Film: Film System, Film Style, and Alternative Film Culture of the 1990s Lafayette College Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Fall 2010
Jillian Sayre The Work of Death in the Americas: Narrative, Necropolitics and the Historical Romance in the Post-Revolutionary Era Rutgers University, Camden Assitant Professor, Department of English
Dafydd Wood Modernism and the Classical Tradition McNeese State University Assistant Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Spring 2011
Naminata Diabate Genital Power: Female Sexuality in West African Literature and Film Cornell University Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature
Summer 2011
Elizabeth Erbeznik Between Boulevard and Boudoir: Working Women as Urban Spectacle in Nineteenth-Century French and British Literature International Studies Abroad Director, Curriculum and Academic Programs
Andrea Hilkovitz Telling Otherwise: Rewriting History, Gender, and Genre in Africa and the African Diaspora Texas State University External Funding Coordinator, Graduate College
Banafsheh Madaninejad New Theology in the Islam Republic of Iran: A Comparative Study Between Abdolkarim Soroush and Moshen Kadviar Southwestern University Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Lanie Millar Realigning Revolution: The Poetics of Disappointment in Cuban and Angolan Narrative University of Oregon Associate Professor of Romance Languages
Fall 2011
Anna Katsnelson Ethnic Passing Across the Jewish Literary Diaspora City University of New York, Medgar Evers Ajunct Professor, English
Spring 2012
Carlos Amador Jr. Writing and Ethics in the Southern Cone: Literature Between the Singular and the Specific Michigan Technological University Assistant Professor, Humanities
Miguel Santos-Neves Struggles with History: Relics of Plantation Culture in Freyre and Faulkner Brazil Foundation Director of Communications
Summer 2012
Simone Sessolo Crime and Narrative: Violence as a Master Narrative in Contemporary Crime Novels University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Lecturer, Sweetland Center for Writing
Spring 2013  
Andrew Ross Bennett Waiting for Virgilio: Reassessing Cuba's Teatro Del Absurdo International Institute, Madrid-Boston Program Director and Instructor, American Cultural Studies Program
Nandini Dhar Only My Revolt is Mine: Gender and Slavery's Transnational Memories Florida International University in Miami Assistant Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Heather Eure Illegible Women: Feminine Fakes, Facades, and Counterfeits in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture St. Edward's University Lecturer
Summer 2013
Somy Kim On Witnessing: Postwar Cinema in Iran and Lebanon Boston University Writing Program Lecturer, Arts and Sciences Writing Program
Johanna Sellman The Biopolitics of Belonging: Europe in Post-Cold War Arabic Literature of Migration Ohio State University Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Summer 2014
S. Pearl Brilmyer The Intimate Pulse of Reality: Sciences of Description in Fiction and Philosophy, 1870-1920 University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor, Department of English
Francisca Folch-Couyoumdjian The Marquis de Cuevas: Pushing the Boundaries of Self    
Fall 2014
Michal Raizen Ecstatic Feedback: Toward an Ethics of Audition in the Contemporary Literary Arts of the Mediterranean Ohio Wesleyan University Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature Department
Bhavya Tiwari Beyond English: Translating Modernism in the Global South University of Houston Assistant Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages
Spring 2015
Roanne Kantor Cartographies of Engagement: The Parallels and Intersections of Latin American and South Asian Literatures in the Twentieth Century Stanford University Assistant Professor, English
Yekaterina Severts "Come Away, O Human Child": The Role of Folkloric Children in Nineteenth-Century British and Russian Literature   Writer Consultant/Novelist
Jayita Sinha "An Ant Swallowed the Sun": Women Mystics in Medieval Maharashtra and Medieval England University of Texas at Austin Instructor, SPURS
Franklin Strong III Impossible Harmonies: Music, Race, and Nation in the Neobaroque Novel Austin Independent School District KIPP Writing Instructor
Summer 2015
Fu-Ying Chuang Bridging Art and the Mainsream: The Cinema of Chang Tso-Chi Hope College, Holland, MI Assistant Professor, Mandarin Chinese
Michael Flynn Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Contemporary Columbian Fiction US Naval Academy, Annapolis Associate Chair, Permanent Military Professor
Cynthia Francica Distant Intimacies: Queer Literature and the Visual in the U.S. and Argentina Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile Assistant Professor, Literature
Martino Lovato Harboring Narratives: Notes Towards a Literature of the Mediterranean Mount Holyoke College Visiting Lecturer, Classics and Italian
Spring 2016
Jonathan Fleck Inventing Linguistic Democracy: Entaglements of Translation and Race in Brazil California State University Sacramento Assistant Professor, World Languages and Literatures
Cory Hahn News on Film: Cinematic Historiography in Cuba and Brazil Marist High School, Oak Park, Illinois Teacher
Julianna Leachman "A Cousinly Resemblance": Negotiating Identity in Literature of Russia and the U.S. South Houston Baptist University Assistant Professor, Literature
Katie Logan Affective Geographies: Virginia Woolf and Arab Women Writes Narrate Memory Virginia Commonwealth University Assistant Professor, Focused Inquiry
Maryam Shariati Staging Iranian Modernity: Authors in Search of New Forms McChrystal Group Development Associate
Fatma Tarlaci Literary Neo-Ottomanism: The Emergence of a Cosmopolitan Turkey in World Literature Stanford University Eric Roberts Fellow in Computer Science
Summer 2016
John Destafney Repressions of the Open Sea: Testing Modernity in Late-Nineteenth Century Maritime Literature of Brazil, Britain, and the United States Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School, Austin Instructor, Spanish and English
Marina Flider Topographies of Kitsch: Locating and Dislocating Totalitarian Kitsch in Contemporary Russian, Hebrew, and Serbo-Croatian Literature Test Innovators, Seattle Academic Specialist
Dustin Hixenbaugh The Conquest of Mexico in Nineteenth-Century TransAmerican Novel Bethany College Assistant Professor, English
Daniel Kahozi Migumbu The Worst Place on Earth to be a Woman: Novelists, Playwrights, and Memoirists on the Congo Armed Conflicts (1996-2010)   Blogger and Activist
Summer 2017
Hannah Alpert-Abrams Unreadable Books: Early Colonial Mexican Documents in Circulation University of Texas at Austin CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship at LILAS Benson Library
Summer 2018
Raelene Wyse Sounding Jewish Multilingualism: An Aesthetics of Language Survival in Latin American and U.S. Latinx Cultural Production University of Texas at Austin Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Fall 2018
Zainab Cheema Anglo-Spanish Marriage in Renaissance Romance: Examining Circulations of Maurophilia in England and Spain's Nation-Formation, 1603-1623    
Nika Setek Utopic/Dystopic Mirroring: The Romance and the Picaresque in the Spanish and Russian Traditions Founders Classical Academy of Leander Instructor, Literature
Mehdi Torabian From Empire to the Land of the Lion and Sun: British Traveler Writers in Qajar Persia    
Spring 2019
Rama Hamarneh Unsettling Communities: Representations of Indigenous Identity and Mobility in Jordanian and Canadian Short Narratives    
Kaitlin Shirley Dostoyevsky and the Rousseau Trap: Considerations of the Man of Nature and Truth and on His Proposed Reformation Inside Literature Director
Mark Smith To Burn, to Howl, to Live Within the Truth: Underground Cultural Productions in the US, USSR, and Czechoslovakia in the Post World War II Context and its Reception by Capitalist and Communist Power Structures    
Amy Vidor Testifying to Auschwitz and Algeria    
Summer 2019
Chienyn Chi Madness, Psychiatry, Empire: Crossings in 20th Century Literatures    
Jamila Davey Defying Distance: Remembrance, Narration, and the Gender Imaginary in Assia Djebar's Loin de Medine