Program in Comparative Literature

Diana Silveira Leite

M.A. in British Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Graduate Student
Diana Silveira Leite



Romanticism; 19th century Poetry and Prose; Critical Race Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, Cognitive Studies and Theory of Mind


RHE 306 • Rhetoric And Writing

42350 • Fall 2019
Meets TTH 9:30AM-11:00AM FAC 10

Multiple meeting times and sections. Please consult the Course Schedule for unique numbers.

This does NOT meet the Writing Flag requirement.

This composition course provides instruction in the gathering and evaluation of information and its presentation in well-organized expository prose. Students ordinarily write and revise four papers. The course includes instruction in invention, arrangement, logic, style, revision, and strategies of research.

Course centered around the First-Year Forum (FYF) selected readings. Students focus on the foundational knowledge and skills needed for college writing. In addition, they are introduced to basic rhetoric terms and learn to rhetorically analyze positions within controversies surrounding the FYF readings.

RHE 306 is required of all UT students. Contact Student Testing Services at (512)-232-2662 to petition for RHE 306 credit.

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