Program in Comparative Literature

General Application Requirements

Can I apply for an MA only?
No, the Program does not admit terminal MA candidates except in certain circumstances (for example, Fulbright scholars). Otherwise all applicants are expected to go obtain their Ph.D.
Is there a minimum general GRE or Subject Test score?
No. The University’s Office of Graduate Studies designates a minimum composite GRE score, but graduate programs can petition for exemptions.

Do I need to re-take the GRE if I have an M.A. degree?
No, as long as your score is not more than five years old.  

Can I apply without GRE scores?

Can I apply if I’ve taken the GRE but the scores will not be reported by the application deadline?
Yes, as long as we receive the scores by mid-December.

Course Work and Major

Must I have been an English or Comparative Literature major to get in to the Ph.D. program?

Do I need transcripts from schools that are not four-year colleges?

Can I apply even though I have not yet graduated with my B.A.?
Yes—but you will be required to present evidence of your graduation before you join our Program the following fall.

Language Requirements

How many languages must I know for consideration for admittance to the Program?
You will need to demonstrate competence in three languages other than your first (dominant/preferred) language in order to be considered for admission and in order to succeed in the program. This does not mean that you have to work in three languages for your dissertation.


When will I hear an admission decision?
Usually by the end of February.
Why does the decision process take so long?
Each dossier receives multiple anonymous readings from the faculty.  Once the Admissions Committee has identified those applicants who have earned the greatest faculty interest and enthusiasm, the really labor-intensive process of building a cohort begins.
Does the program have an interviewing process, and if so, is it advantageous to visit UT for an interview?