Program in Comparative Literature

Application Process

Interested parties must submit the following to RWL:
  1. Statement of Interest: What do you want to teach? Why do you want to teach in this program? What are your goals, intellectually and pedagogically?
  2. CV
  3. Two references
Upon submission, applicants will be contacted via email with the next steps of the application process.
Volunteer Guidelines & Criteria
  1. Interested volunteers must meet minimum standards:
  2. No convictions for any aggravated or sexual offenses.
  3. No arrests within the past 24 months.
  4. If on Parole and/or Probation: (Normally applies to Substance Abuse/12 Step Programs)
  5. Must have a written recommendation from their Parole/Probation Officer
  6. Must provide evidence of employment or legitimate means of livelihood
  7. Must have been on Parole/Probation for at least 12 months without any incarceration time or adverse reports.
If approved by the RWL admission committee:
  1. Submit volunteer application and PREA Volunteer Contractor Acknowledgement along with a copy of a US Government Issued ID via email to Beverly Gentle, via mail to P.O. Box 1748, Austin, Texas 78767, or via fax to (512) 854-5305. *Submission of a volunteer application gives TCSO permission to run a criminal background check on volunteer applicants.
  2. Interview with Program Director, Faculty Supervisors.
  3. Attend TCSO Volunteer Orientation/Photo for Visitor Badge
  4. TB test

*Travis County will pay for the test if it is taken by Medical Services at the jail. If applicant chooses to have personal doctor perform the test, cost is volunteer's responsibility.

Facility Access & Volunteer Orientation

  1. Review TCSO Volunteers webpage prior to attending Orientation
  2. Bookmark page for future reference

Contact: Heather Stan, RWL Program Coordinator
Phone: 512-854-5331
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1748, Austin, Texas 78767

Facility Procedure

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early for security and visitor’s badge
  2. Business attire
  3. Bring only Driver’s License, keys, and paper (may carry a bag for these items) and leave everything else in your car or one of the lockers at the facility
  4. NO paper clips, staples, metal of any kind, no cell phones, no electronics.
  5. Proceed through metal detector/X-ray for bag, shoes, etc.
  6. Give your ID to reception, they will give you a badge in exchange which you will hand back before you leave to retrieve your ID

You will proceed through the facility according to procedure