Program in Comparative Literature

Courses at the TCCC

While courses offered by Reading World Literature have not yet offered students at the facility official credit, participation in these courses does reflect well on their stay. Instructors teach at a pre-trial facility. The average stay for students is only 3 months, and enrollments are subject to change in each course as some students are unable to finish a course for various reasons.
We now offer optional CL 391L or E391L course credit for graduate students who teach for one semester with several options for instructors:
  1. Practical component for a pedagogy course for 1 class at the facility (4-6 weeks, one text) with a theoretical component would be arranged with faculty supervisor well in advance.
  2. Purely practical pedagogy course, teaching 2-3 courses over the course of the semester
Course content
  1. 4-6 week syllabus
  2. 1 main text per course
  3. Focus is primarily critical reading & discussion of text
  4. Optional writing assignments to which the instructor gives written feedback
  5. The Travis County Correctional Complex is a pre-trial facility
  6. Our students’ cases are being adjudicated
  7. Average length of stay is 3 months
  8. Classroom setting: males or females
  9. Majority of population is male (Males- 2400)
  10. Women are a smaller portion of the population and teachers must be flexible in scheduling courses for women
  11. The maximum enrollment for any course is 25, this number will go down as students are sometimes transferred, released, miss classes etc.


  1. 1-3 days a week, 60-90 minute classes; scheduling is arranged with our program coordinator at the facility
  2. AM or PM classes (Programs opens at 8:30AM and closes at 1:30 PM, PM classes are not in the programs building but in one of the blocks at the facility)