Program in Comparative Literature

Volunteer Responsibilities & Guidelines

RWL Program Requirements

  1. Read the RWL Handbook & TCSO Volunteers webpage
  2. Submit all required forms for the TCSO
  3. Sign and submit Volunteer Contract, Publishing Agreement
  4. Attend mandatory Orientation Meeting with program directors and/or the cohort to establish course texts and syllabi, any supplementary materials
  5. Ensure that you are registered for the appropriate course number
  6. Keep up with cohort meetings during semester
  7. Document implementation of pedagogical training as outlined in conference course agreement with supervisor

Instructor Requirements

  1. Meet once or twice weekly with class at TCCC
  2. Create Syllabus and Reading Schedule in addition to lesson plans
  3. Provide accompanying discussion materials such as:
  4. Vocabulary lists
  5. Handouts (terms, further information, context, timeline, etc)
  6. Attend all class sessions with cohort of instructors and faculty supervisor and complete any readings or assignments for the pedagogy course component of the RWL program.

Instructor Contract

All participants agree to abide by the Reading World Literature Core Values and the University of Texas Honor Code and Code of Conduct for students. As stated in the General Information Catalog, Appendix C, Chapter 11 “Student Discipline and Conduct”, Section 11-101a:
“The core values of The University of Texas at Austin are learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility. Each member of the University is expected to uphold these values through integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, and respect toward peers and community.”

As a community of scholars, the University expects from its students a higher standard of conduct than that required simply to avoid discipline. The principles of the Student Honor Code together with the University Code of Conduct should govern and direct student conduct to promote a safe environment that is conducive to academic success and to ensure that each University student graduates ready to contribute to society as an ethical citizen.

All participants must agree to all terms of their appointment in the Reading World Literature Program, including administrative responsibilities and academic standards. All participants must also agree to and sign the Volunteer Contract. Participants must attend all cohort meetings during the semester they teach. All participants are responsible for abiding by the terms of the Publishing Agreement, especially as it pertains to procedure, approval, authorization, and publication content rules. Any and all publications or interviews must go through the proper channels.

All participants must sign and submit the Volunteer Contract and Publishing Agreement to directors, to formally acknowledge they understand and agree to all program-specific requirements and procedures.  Failure to maintain program standards as outlined above will result in immediate dismissal from the RWL program, pending disciplinary review by RWL director and supervisors, in addition to the TCSO.  Further disciplinary action will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

I have read and agree to abide by program requirements and procedures as outlined in the RWL Handbook. I understand and accept my responsibilities as a Graduate Student Instructor. I have read the TCSO Volunteers webpage and I understand what is required of me as a Volunteer. I understand that failure to adhere to program guidelines will result in my dismissal from participation in the RWL program. Furthermore, I understand that I will not be eligible for future participation in the RWL program in the event of a dismissal.

Publishing Agreement

  1. Read and Sign Publishing Agreement
  2. Submit all publication or interview requests to director for review. If approved by the program, the director will submit the request to the TCSO. RWL will notify the participant if their request has been approved and authorized by both entities.

No interviews will be given without official written authorization of the RWL program directors & supervisors