The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas

Coursework Overview

The Jefferson Scholars Program consists of six related courses that can be taken in your first three semesters or spread out over as many semesters as necessary to accommodate the needs of your major and other programs. Through these courses you will become acquainted with ancient Greek philosophy and literature, the Bible and its various interpreters, the history of political philosophy, the founding principles of the United States and their subsequent development, major works of drama from antiquity to the present, and issues in American history. As needed, you may use these courses to satisfy the following UT core requirements: Signature Course, Social Science, Visual and Performing Arts, US History, and US Government, as well as the following flags: Writing, Global Cultures, Ethics and Leadership, and Cultural Diversity.


First Semester: Athens and Jerusalem

Greece: UGS 302 Classical Philosophy and Literature (Signature Course) or

UGS 303 The Challenge of the Greeks (Signature Course), or

CTI 301G Introduction to Ancient Greece (satisfies UT Visual and Performing Arts requirement, carries the UT Global Cultures flag)


Bible: CTI 304 The Bible and Its Interpreters (carries UT Writing and Global Cultures flags)


Second Semester: The Quest for Justice

Political Philosophy: UGS 303 Justice Liberty Happiness (Signature Course), or

CTI 302 Classics of Social and Political Thought (meets UT Social Science Requirement);


US Government: GOV 312P America's Constitutional Principles (partially satisfies UT US Government requirement, carries UT Ethics and Leadership and Cultural Diversity flags)


Third Semester: Leaders and Leadership

Drama: CTI 350 Masterworks of World Drama (satisfies UT Visual and Performing Arts Requirement)


History: HIS 334L American Revolution and Founding of the US, or

HIS 365G History of the Presidency (both partially satisfy UT American History requirement and carry the UT Ethics and Leadership flag)


Note: Unless you are in a special freshman program that has its own UGS signature course, you should take one of ours in either fall or spring of your first year. Many of you will meet your UT Social Science Requirement either through AP credit or through a requirement in your major, but if not, you may wish to take your signature course this fall so that you can take CTI 302, which meets the Social Science requirement, next spring.