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JSP Fall 2019 Registration Information for Continuing Students

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A Message from Academic Advisor Nathan Vickers

Hello Jefferson Scholars!!  Welcome back, if you need anything, please feel free to contact me.

Nathan Vickers, Academic Advising Coordinator
Department of Government and Jefferson Center
1 University Station A1800, BAT 2.102
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas, 78712

Schedule appointments here:

If you have not completed the four required courses in the Jefferson Scholars Program, below are the fall 2019 courses that satisfy each area.

Area 1

CTI 301G / CC 301 Introduction to Ancient Greece

28865              MWF Noon-1pm                                 PAI 4.42                      Gulizio

All seats in this large lecture section should be open for you to register yourself.

28860              MWF 11am-Noon                               GAR 0.120                  Patterson

28870              MWF 1pm-2pm                                   GAR 0.120                  Patterson

CTI seats in the above two small sections will be reserved initially for JSP freshmen but you may register for either of these under the Classics number.

Area 2

CTI 304 / RS 315 Bible and Its Interpreters

28885              MWF 9am-10am                                 PAR 208                      Yoo

28890              MWF Noon-1p                                    GAR 0.120                  Yoo

28895              MWF 2pm-3pm                                   WAG 208                    Landau

28900              TTH  2pm-330pm                               PAR 103                      Kaplan

CTI seats in this course will be reserved initially for JSP freshmen but R S seats are open for continuing students to register yourselves.

28905              TTH  330pm-5pm                               MEZ 2.122                

This section is completely open, and you can register yourselves.

Area 3

CTI 302 / GOV 314E  Classics of Social and Political Thought

28875              TTH  930am-11am                             WAG 208                   Wensveen                   

28880              TTH  330pm-5pm                               MEZ 2.102                Gregg

Most CTI seats in this course will be reserved for continuing Jefferson Scholars, so you may register yourselves.

Area 4

GOV 312P Constitutional Principles: Core Texts

37490              MWF 11am-Noon                               SZB 330                      Dempsey

Most seats in this course will be reserved for continuing Jefferson Scholars, so you may register yourselves.

GOV 379S Regime Perspectives on American Politics

37775              W 330pm-630pm                                CAL 21                       Tulis

This course requires you to come in person to the Government Advising Office, BAT 2nd Floor.  We have limited seats in this course.

For your two electives, you may take any course on the CTI Qualifying Course List, bearing in mind that you will need two upper-division courses to complete the certificate. We especially recommend, and have reserved CTI some or all of the seats for you in:

CTI 323 Might and Right Among Nations

28930              MWF 1pm-2pm                                   RLP 0.122                   T. Pangle

CTI 350 Masterworks of World Drama

28970              MWF 9am-10am                                 PAR 304                      Lang

28975              MWF 10am-11am                               PAR 304                      Lang

CTI 375 The Book of Job

28989              TTH 11am-1230pm                            MEZ 1.210                 Yoo

CTI 375 Italian Masterpieces: Literature, Film, and Art

28985              TTH 2pm-330pm                                HRH 2.112                 Carter


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