The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas


RILA Scholarships

The Jefferson Center is offering a number of scholarships for study at the Rome Institute of Liberal Arts during Summer 2021. RILA gives students the opportunity to spend their summers in Rome, studying great texts in small seminar settings, for UT credit. Please take a look at the program's website for more information about what classes it offers, as well as information about dates, requirements, and costs:

This year, the Jefferson Center will be able to offer students a number of partial scholarships to attend the program. The exact amount of each scholarship will depend on the number of qualified applicants we have and the amount of funding available. The scholarships cover only a part of the total cost of the program, and we encourage you to seek additional funding elsewhere.

To apply for The Jefferson Center's scholarship, please send the following materials to this email address ( with the subject heading “RILA Scholarship Application”:

--A grade report--you do not need an official transcript; the grade report should be up to date for the Fall 2020 semester

--Confirmation that you have applied to RILA, including payment of the application fee, and notice of whether you have applied to the Beauty and the Scared course or the Empire and the Soul course

--A copy of the statement of interest that you submitted when you applied to RILA

We have a limited number of scholarships to give out. The deadline for applying is Tuesday, March 30 at 5:30 PM. We will evaluate applications as quickly as possible. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their academic performance and their progress toward completing the Certificate in Core Texts and Ideas. 

RILA is a terrific program and experience. If you have questions about the scholarship or about the program beyond what you can find on the website, please contact Dr. Dempsey (he’s, or you can find him sometimes at the outdoor lounge).




JSP Book Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement

This scholarship, in the amount of $100, is intended to help Jefferson Scholars who have distinguished themselves academically to build their own libraries of books. It is awarded each year to 20 or more Jefferson Scholars on the basis of academic performance, with extra weight given to CTI classes and activities.

Applications are accepted each year in May and awards are distributed in early summer.