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Applying to the Jefferson Scholars Program


Applications for Incoming freshmen Applications for the Jefferson Scholars program are closed. However, if you are an incoming freshmen and would like to apply, please do so using this link:


We will be reviewing late applications on a rolling basis. Late applications may not be eligible for the Fall Semester programming.

All admitted freshmen are eligible to apply. You do not need to be in the College of Liberal Arts; we are in fact especially happy to get applications from students who want a serious liberal education while majoring in a program outside Liberal Arts. Nor do you need to be in an honors program, although it’s fine if you are in one or even two of them. You are welcome to apply even if you have not yet decided whether you will be attending UT.

Currently Enrolled Students in any year with room in your program to complete the CTI certificate may apply by meeting with our academic advisor, Cassadie Charlesworth. The normal admissions requirements are completion of or current enrollment in at least one CTI course and a GPA of at least 3.5. Others may be considered on the basis of faculty recommendations or high grades in CTI courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A: Yes, every course included in JSP is also offered in sections that are open to everyone, and students wishing to earn the Certificate in Core Texts and Ideas can take the six courses in the program at any time and in any order. The advantage of joining JSP as a freshman is that you'll have small sections of these courses reserved just for you; you’ll lay a great foundation for the rest of your education; and you’ll be part of a learning community that extends beyond the classroom to include special lectures, lunches with professors, and cultural and social events. When friendships form around interesting courses and when conversations begun in class continue outside class, then an education begins to change who you are, if you allow it to.

  • Q: Whom can I contact with further questions?

    A: Jefferson Center Assistant Director Erik Dempsey will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have by email or phone and also to meet with you if you are visiting campus.

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