The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas

Jefferson Book Club Meeting: 1001 Nights, selections

Thu, September 23, 2010 | WAG 403b

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The 1001 Nights is one of the most celebrated and important works in all Islamic literature.  It is renowned primarily for its exotic, exciting, and magical tales, and for its brilliant and captivating heroine, the storyteller Shahrazad (Scheherazade).  Beyond being a wonderful story, it is also an important reflection on the certain trends in Islam, and also more generally on tyranny, the nature of religious faith, its role in the formation of the family, and the question how human beings ought to relate to a mysterious and at times inscrutable God.   We will be reading a short excerpt from the beginning of the work, which includes the frame story of Shahrazad and the king whom she marries and whose abusive practices she seeks to bring to an end, as well as the first sequence of tales she tells him.

Copies of the selections are available to students in the Jefferson Center office located in Mezes room 3.150.

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