The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas

Jefferson Center Summer Reading Group: Arabian Nights

Wed, May 27, 2015 | WAG 403B

5:30 PM

For the first meeting, we’ll look at the prologue to the Arabian Nights as well as the first 7 nights. The reading, in total, is about 30 pages long. The selections are all based on the translation by Hussain Haddawy, which is the best available translation. If you would like to receive a pdf of next week’s reading, email Dr. Dempsey at the address below and he’ll send it to you.

This is an informal group that is meant to give students the chance to study the great books in a relaxed environment. The texts are rich and intellectually stimulating, and also enjoyable to read, and the conversations are typically more wide-ranging than they would be in class.

Anyone can come – students, faculty, and other friends of the Center. If you are interested in participating and receiving weekly notices of the readings that we will be doing, please email Erik Dempsey at:

The CTI Summer Scholars program is an informal reading group that the Jefferson Center hosts for students who are living in Austin and would like to continue studying the great books during the summer. The readings are short and intended to be accessible even for those who can’t make it to every meeting and who have other commitments during the summer. Even if you are traveling for much of the summer or have a job or are taking classes, you should feel welcome to participate.

This year, we will begin by reading excerpts from the Arabian Nights, and then we’ll turn to Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. We’ll meet on Wednesday evenings during the summer.

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