The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas

Political Discussion Group: Gun Control and Gun Rights

Mon, February 26, 2018 | WAG 403B

5:00 PM

This meeting will focus on the issue of gun rights. We’ll be discussing the UK’s blanket gun ban, and more generally, the tensions which arise between the individual's right to self-defense, and government's obligation to protect its citizens. The discussion will be led by CTI’s Dhruv Rajan. 

There is a set of readings for the group, available here.

The packet linked above mentions some readings from Locke's Second Treatise. You can find the full text here:

The Second Treatise is broken into paragraphs: for this meeting, look at Chapter 2, paragraph 12-13; Chapter 7, paragraph 87-88; and Chapter 19, paragraph 241-242. 

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