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You can find our most recent recordings on our YouTube Channel, including Dr. Dempsey's Afternoon Lecture  "Luther's Challenge to Classical Rationalism: On Martin Luther's Critique of Reason and Political Virtue"


Wayne Ambler's Xenophon's Education of Cyrus Lecture from February 1st.


(Videos are also available through the UT Libraries Digital Repository)

March 4, 2015
Alfarabi the Founder of Philosophy in the Islamic World
David DiPasquale, Boston College

November 20, 2014
Surviving Rousseau: How a Painter Won Her Battle with a Great Book
Laurie Fendrich, Professor Emerita of Fine Arts and Art History, Hofstra University

October 8, 2014
The Contest Between Achilles and David
Peter Ahrensdorf, James Sprunt Professor of Political Science and affiliated professor of classics, Davidson College

September 17, 2014
The Soul of Man Under Federalism
Wilfred McClay, G. T. and Libby Blankenship Chair, Deptartment of History, University of Oklahoma

September 19, 2013
Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Challenge to the Constitution
Jean Yarbrough, Gary M. Pendy Professor of Social Sciences, Bowdoin College

October 18, 2012
Einstein, Relativity, and Myths
Alberto Martinez, Associate Professor, Department of History, The University of Texas at Austin

September 17, 2012
Completing the Constitution: The 14th Amendment
Michael P. Zuckert, Nancy R. Dreux Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame

March 26, 2012
The Discovery of Entropy--and its Implications
Adam Schulman, visiting professor at MIT

February 23, 2012
Goethe and Schiller - and Us?
Fred Baumann, Professor of Political Science at Kenyon College

September 16, 2011
Milton's Satanic Verses
John Rumrich, Professor, Department of English, University of Texas at Austin

May 5, 2011
Will Not the Judge of All the Earth Deal Justly? Abraham's Confrontation with God over the Fate of Sodom
Clifford Orwin, University of Toronto

March 25, 2011
Aristophanes' Critique of the Gods
Wayne Ambler, Associate Professor, Herbst Program of Humanities, University of Colorado at Boulder

January 20, 2011
A. Lincoln, Philosopher
Allen Guelzo, Director of Civil War Era Studies and a Professor of History at Gettysburg College

October 29, 2010
Adam Smith and Nationalism
Richard Boyd, Professor of Government Georgetown University

October 18, 2010
Why Future Scientists, Physicians and Engineers Should Study the Great Book
Dr Richard Harper, Dr Bernhardt Trout, Dr Hans Mark

October 1, 2010
Aristotle and the Foundations of American Liberalism
Erik Dempsey, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin

April 8, 2010
St. Augustine Goes Global
Jean Bethke Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School

March 4, 2010
Spartacus and the Great Books
Barry Strauss, Professor of History and Classics, Cornell University

February 12, 2010
Rousseau and the Modern Cult of Sincerity
Arthur Melzer, Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University

November 20, 2009
Homer and the Foundation of Classical Civilization
Peter Ahrensdorf, Professor of Political Science and Affiliated Professor of Classics at Davidson College

September 11, 2009
Migues de Cervantes’ Don Quixote
Stanislav Zimic, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, UT Austin

April 17, 2009
How to Begin to Study Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Hibbs, Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Culture, Dean of the Honors College, Baylor University

February 13, 2009
The Good, the Bad and the Evil; Faith, Ethics and Truth in the 21st Century
Rob Riemen, Founder, President and CEO, The Nexus Institute, The Netherlands

January 28, 2009
Discovering Oneself Through the Great Books
John Silber, President Emeritus, Boston University and former UT Dean of Arts and Sciences

November 20, 2008
Islamic Responses to Western Science and Technology
Rizwan Zamir, Doctoral Candidate in Religious Studies, University of Virginia

November 07, 2008
Why Even Atheists Should Applaud the Ten Commandments
Leon Kass, Addie Clark Harding Professor in the Committee on Social Thought, The University of Chicago

October 10, 2008
The West and the Rest; Globalization and the Terrorist Threat
Roger Scruton, Writer and Philosopher, Blackfriars, Oxford

March 28, 2008
How to Understand Politics; What the Humanities Can Say to Science
Harvey C. Mansfield, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Government at Harvard University

March 3, 2008
Our First Revolution--and Beyond (On Britain's Glorious Revolution, 1688)
Michael Barone, Senior writer for "U.S. News and World Report and principal coauthor of "The Almanac of American Politics"

February 8, 2008
On a Certain Manner of Reading Cases: The Reasoning We've Forgotten, the Law We've Lost.
Hadley P. Arkes, Edward N. Ney Professor of Jurisprudence and American Institutions at Amherst College

December 6, 2007
The Struggle for the Curriculum
Herbert I. London, President of the Hudson Institute, former dean of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, NYU

November 8, 2007
On Becoming One's Idea of a Free Person
Danielle S. Allen, Dean of Humanities, University of Chicago

October 11, 2007
Somebody Killed Something, That's Clear at Any Rate: Jabberwocky and the Western Canon
Michael Berube, Paterno Family Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University

September 20, 2007
Liberty of Conscience: In Defense of America's Tradition of Religious Equality
Martha Nussbaum, Ernst Freund Distinguished Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Chicago Law School

February 15, 2007
The Ancient Greeks and Western Civilization: Then and Now
Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; Professor Emeritus, California State University, Fresno

January 18, 2007
Civic Education in the Academy: The Challenges Before Us
Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University; Director, James Madison Center