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Bradley Gold




Mr. Gold has 20+ years of strategic business management experience to compliment 10+ years of General Counsel and law firm experience, focusing on complex transactional business matters, maintaining relationships across and throughout large organizations, and executing strategic business plans to achieve sustainable long-term goals. Bradley is currently a quintessential “Austin-preneur” with multiple complimentary organizational roles as an educator, attorney, mentor, and business operator. 


LAH 350 • Your Data/ Your Privacy

29764 • Fall 2020
Meets TTH 3:30PM-5:00PM WAG 420

This class is designed to have an experiential learning component.

Your data is valuable, and a lot of companies and organizations would love to share and sell it.  Many say that “data is the new oil”, but is that accurate?  No prior knowledge of data analytics or privacy engineering is required, and we will discuss together what personal data is, how companies collect it, and why they might want to sell it.  This class will be a thoughtful investigation into current and upcoming standards regarding data privacy, information technology (IT) security, and related fields such as Engineered Intelligence, and related products such as autonomous vehicles.   

In this class, you will have the chance to engage in learning about a new multi-disciplinary field, and be able to bring your own knowledge and expertise to the conversation.  This class will be a thoughtful exploration of the current state of cybersecurity and data privacy both in the US and globally. We will discuss corporate interests in data privacy, consumer interests in data privacy, changes in regulations, and the impact these fields have on the average person. No prior knowledge of the subject is required, we will work together throughout the class to educate ourselves and our classmates on topics within this realm that are both of interest to us and matter to others.  During the semester, above and beyond our core course content, you will have the opportunity to research a granular topic you are interested in regarding data privacy, and teach your peers about that specific sub-topic.   


Readings will come from international standards documents, current laws, and news articles. All of which will be made available to you via canvas or in class.


News clips and other informational videos will be assigned occasionally.  Students will also be welcome to suggest and share relevant learning materials throughout the semester.


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