RTA Instructions:

Please use this form to request your RTA instead of contacting Alice directly (unless you feel there are unusual circumstances that require Alice to create the RTA. Contact Alice if you feel this is the case.)
Get Started Here: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/services/requests/ Login with UT EID and password
Under: Create a New Request select: Travel Authorization Request


(Required information has the red *)

Request Notes: Put any information that might be helpful to Alice in this box. She will be able to read it.

If you are a faculty member and plan to use your Faculty Travel Grant, please check YES to the question as this information needs to be included in the RTA accounts funding section.

Purpose of Travel : Please select whichever applies. If you are presenting a paper, the conference name and the title of your paper will need to be filled into the Purpose Comments section

Benefits to UT drop down box: We usually use "Enhance reputation of

University" but if you feel another is appropriate for this travel, please select it.

Disposition of Duties:

Faculty: Please select from the drop-down box. In the comments, put in the name of the faculty member who will be handling your classes and/or administrative duties.

Student: Please select from the drop-down box: "Duties held until returned"

Destination Information:

Fill in dates of travel.
Add destination. For Destination Code, Click on the Search icon to search your
State and City.
Pointer: When you choose your city from the drop-down box, it will fill in the city but you have to Click on the "Select City" box or it won't save your selection.

Account Information Section:

Answer the questions in the bubbles.

UT Account Information: Leave blank the estimated cost and don't bother with account number. ( If you choose that you are using a Faculty Travel grant, the account number will populate in that filed automatically.) If you are using a

Faculty Travel Grant, please indicate in the check box but also please list another account to use for any charges that exceed the amount the grant.

Account Description: Fill in which account you want to use – you can use the nickname that we use for your grant. For example: “My NIH grant” or “Dr. Who's NIH Grant” or “I don’t know”

Save if you want to go back and finish later. SAVE and ASSIGN if you have finished your request.

Choose Assignment Type: (You should be assigned to the CPS Travel Group) Choose: Profiled UT EID or Group

Assign to Profiled UT EID or Group: You will see a drop-down box.

Select: CPS Travel (Group)

You are done with RTA and Alice will receive an email with a link to access it, tweak it and send it forward for approval.
You should reserve your flights through the CONCUR website created by Travel


New Policy does allow for your reservations to be made at other websites besides CONCUR, but it is wise to use CONCUR unless you feel certain you will save money by booking elsewhere.

Updated: Oct 23, 2014