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Chandrajit Bajaj


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  • Office: ACES Building 2.32A
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Semester      Course      Unique No.       Title

2016 Spr      C S 395T        51415         Comp Stat Appl to Bioinfmatics
2016 Spr      CSE 383M      62965          Stat/Discrete Meths Sci Comput

2014 Spr      C S 354         53840          Computer Graphics

2013 Fall      BME 345        14395          Graphics & Visualization Lab

2013 Fall      BME 383J       14547          Geometric Modlng & Visualizatn

2013 Fall      C S 354          53965         Computer Graphics

2013 Fall      C S 384R        54088         Geometric Modlng & Visualizatn

2013 Fall      CSE 392         68438         Geometric Modlng & Visualizatn

2013 Fall      NEU 394P       57933         Geometric Modlng & Visualizatn


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