Center for Perceptual Systems

Mia Markey

Associate Professor

Mia Markey



Prof. Markey's research interests include medical image perception, biomedical image analysis, and biomedical imaging informatics. Her lab collaboratives extensively with medical centers on applications related to radiology and surgery.


Semester         Course       Unique No.       Title

2016 Spr      BME 197R       14390        Imaging Research Seminar

2014 Spr      BME 377T       14730        Medical Decison-Making

2014 Spr      BME 385J       14825        Medical Decision-Making

2014 Spr      BME 197R      14860        Imaging Research Seminar

2013 Fall      BME 383J       14540        Comp Methods Biomed Engnrs I

2013 Fall      BME 197R      14610       Imaging Research Seminar


M. S. Kim, A. Burgess, A. J. Waters, G. P. Reece, E. K. Beahm, M. A. Crosby, K. M. Basen-Engquist, M. K. Markey, “A pilot study on using eye-tracking to understand assessment of surgical outcomes from clinical photography“, Journal of Digital Imaging 24: 778-786 (October 2011). PMCID: PMC3180533

G. S. Muralidhar, T. Ganapathi, A. C. Bovik, M. K. Markey, T. M. Haygood, T. W. Stephens, G. J. Whitman, “Stereoscopic versus monoscopic detection of masses on breast tomosynthesis projection images”, Proc. of SPIE Vol 8318, 831807-1 (2012).

M.K. Markey (Editor), Physics of Mammographic Imaging, published by Taylor & Francis, November 2012. ISBN 978-1439875445.

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