Center for Perceptual Systems


Mission Statement

Cutting edge research in perceptual systems requires expertise in scientific disciplines that bridge traditional departmental boundaries. The mission of the Center for Perceptual Systems is to provide students with the opportunity to create a curriculum that spans biological, psychological, computational and engineering approaches to the fundamental problems in perception. The Center offers an outstanding environment for students who desire broad interdisciplinary training. 

CPS Training Program in Perception

Application Procedure

Most of our students apply to the Institute for Neuroscience and obtain a Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience. However, students may apply to any of the departments and still become full members of the Center. Applications may be obtained by contacting the departments listed below. We request that students indicate their interest in joining the Center for Perceptual Systems on the application and that they also inform the Center's administrative contact (Christine Fry).

  Institute for Neuroscience
  Electrical & Computer Engineering
  Computer Science
  Communication Sciences