Center for Perceptual Systems

CPS Training Program in Perception

Course work. The goal is to achieve broad interdisciplinary training, with an emphasis on natural systems and computation.

Four Core courses

1. PSY 380E Vision Systems.

2. NEU 482T Principles of Neuroscience I.

3. PSY 394U Introduction to Sensory-Motor Systems or PSY 397N Perceptual Systems

4. A Computational Neuroscience course:

either NEU385L Computational Neuroscience and Neural Networks,  or NEU385L Bootstrap Statistic, or CS 391L Machine Learning

1 elective in area of specialization.


- Ethics course taught by Huk: NEU 394P (also BIO 381K, PSY 394U)

- Attend the INS program bootcamp at the beginning of the first year.

 - Students also attend the CPS Colloquium Series, taking it as a course at least once.

- 2 elective courses from a variety of classes taught by members of CPS.