Center for Perceptual Systems

Alex Huk announced as Winner of the 2011 Elsevier/VSS Young Investigator Award

Mon, March 28, 2011

Dr. Alexander C. Huk has been chosen as the 2011 winner of the Elsevier/VSS Young Investigator Award. Dr. Huk is an Associate Professor of Neurobiology in the Center for Perceptual Systems at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Huk impressed the committee with the broad range of techniques he has brought to bear on fundamental questions of visual processing and decision making. Studying both human and non-human primates with psychophysical, electrophysiological and fMRI approaches, Dr. Huk has made significant, influential and ground-breaking contributions to our understanding of the neural mechanisms involved in motion processing and the use of sensory information as a basis for perceptual decisions. His contributions are outstanding in their breadth as well as their impact on the field and represent the uniqueness of the VSS community to integrate behavioral and neural approaches to vision science.

The Young Investigator Award will be presented to Dr. Huk on Sunday evening, May 8, 7:00 pm in the Royal Palm Ballroom. Beginning this year, YIA awardees will be asked to give a talk.


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