Center for Perceptual Systems

CPS has been awarded an NIH Institutional Training Grant

Wed, July 11, 2012

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded an NIH Training Grant! This prestigious award has allowed us to make our training program in the vision sciences even better. Trainees will benefit from a vibrant, growing, and highly-collaborative collection of research laboratories boasting world-class facilities for conducting vision research. These facilities include fMRI imaging, eye tracking, head and body tracking, face and facial expression tracking, virtual reality, the collection of 3D time-varying natural scene statistics, computationally-intensive modeling and computer graphics, psychophysics, 2 photon microscopy, optical imaging, and electrophysiology.  The training grant faculty include Dana Ballard, Larry Cormack, Ila Fiete, Bill Geisler, Mary Hayhoe, Alex Huk, Nicholas Priebe, Eyal Seidemann, and Jonathan Pillow.
Prospective students can apply to the Ph.D. program in either Neuroscience or Psychology depending on which is better suited to their needs and interests. Information on these programs can be found at the following:


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