Center for Perceptual Systems

Sung Jun Joo

Sung Jun Joo (Ph.D., University of Washington at Seattle) became a member of Alex Huk’s lab at the University of Texas in January 2013. He studies visual perception using various methodologies such as psychophysics, EEG, and fMRI. His research interests have included, but not limited to, how the visual system extract global spatial patterns especially in the early stage of visual processing (Joo et al., 2012) and how the visual system encodes statistical properties of the visual scenes (Joo et al., 2009). Currently, he is working on the domain of motion processing and studies the neural mechanisms underlying 3D motion processing. 

Selected publications:

Joo, S. J., Boynton, G.M. & Murray, S. O. (2012).  Long-range, pattern-dependent contextual effects in early human visual cortex. Current Biology, 22, 781-786.

Joo, S. J., Shin, K., Chong, S. C., & Blake, R. (2009). On the nature of the stimulus information necessary for estimating mean size of visual arrays. Journal of Vision, 9(9):7, 1-12.

Chong, S. C., Joo, S. J., Emmanouil, T.-A., & Treisman, A. (2008). Statistical processing: Not so implausible after all. Perception & Psychophysics, 70,             1327-1334.