Center for Perceptual Systems

Corey Ziemba

Corey Ziemba received his PhD in 2016 from New York University. His doctoral work under advisors Tony Movshon and Eero Simoncelli focused on dissecting the role of the second visual area in the representation and discrimination of naturalistic visual patterns, particularly visual textures. He joined the lab of Robbe Goris at UT Austin in 2018. His current research includes the use of imaging methods with Ian Nauhaus to explore the transformation of visual pattern representation across the visual cortex, as well as investigating the neural representation of sensory uncertainty in perceptual decision making. 

Selected Publications:
Ziemba CM, Freeman J, Simoncelli EP, & Movshon JA (2018). Contextual modulation of sensitivity to naturalistic image structure in macaque V2. Journal of Neurophysiology 120, 409-420.

Goris RLT*, Ziemba CM*, Stine GM, Simoncelli EP, & Movshon JA (2017). Dissociation of choice formation and choice-correlated activity in macaque visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 37, 5195-5203.

Ziemba CM*, Freeman J*, Movshon JA, & Simoncelli EP (2016). Selectivity and tolerance for visual texture in macaque V2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113, E3140-E3149.

Freeman J*, Ziemba CM*, Heeger DJ, Simoncelli EP, & Movshon JA (2013). A functional and perceptual signature of the second visual area in primates. Nature Neuroscience 16, 974-981.