Center for Perceptual Systems

Matt Tong

Matthew Tong (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego) joined Mary Hayhoe's Lab in July, 2012. His graduate studies focused on models of eye movements and salience during both free-viewing and real-world tasks. At the Center for Perceptual Systems, his work has looked at eye-movements and sensorimotor behavior while performing tasks in virtual reality. He's been examining and modeling the roles that uncertainty and task reward play in determining where we look.

Selected Publications:

Christopher Kanan, Matthew H. Tong, Lingyun Zhang, and Garrison W. Cottrell (2009). SUN: Top-down saliency using natural statistics. Visual Cognition, 17(6&7), 979 - 1003.

Lingyun Zhang, Matthew H. Tong, Tim K. Marks, Honghao Shan, and Garrison W. Cottrell (2008). SUN: A Bayesian Framework for Saliency Using Natural Statistics. Journal of Vision, 8(7):32, 1-20.

Matthew H. Tong, Adam D. Bickett, Eric M. Christiansen, Garrison W. Cottrell (2007). Learning Grammatical Structure with Echo State Networks. Neural Networks, 20(3), 424-432.