Center for Perceptual Systems

Spencer Chen

Spencer Chen (Ph.D., the University of New South Wales, Australia), joined the Center for Perceptual Systems in May, 2015 as a research fellow supervised by Prof. Geisler and Dr. Seidemann. His research interest is to understand how neurons in the brain work together as a population in the representation of vision. He is currently studying neural activity through optical imaging in behaving primates, relating cortical activity to perceptual decisions and human psychophysics.
Before joining the Center for Perceptual Systems, Spencer conducted research in the somatosensory system (University of New South Wales and University Western Sydney, Australia) and the visual system (V1: University of New South Wales; MT: University of Sydney, Australia) using multi-electrode recording techniques; in the psychophysics of simulated bionic vision (University of New South Wales); and in automated soccer playing robot dogs (University of New South Wales).

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