Center for Perceptual Systems

Natural Scene Statistics

Perceptual systems have evolved to operate in the natural environment, and thus if we are to understand the structure and function of perceptual systems it is crucial to measure the statistical properties of natural stimuli. One area of research in CPS is directed at measuring the statistical properties of natural scenes.  A range of specialized equipment is available for this purpose.  We have a Riegl VZ-400 3D laser scanner with a 360 deg  x 100 deg field of view, 600 m range and 5 mm accuracy. The laser scanner includes a calibrated Nikon D700 camera, allowing the system to collect co-registered color and range images.  We have a custom designed 4-axis programmable robotic gantry with approximately one meter travel in three axes plus 360 deg rotation in the fourth axis. The gantry can be used to obtain calibrated range images, color images, and stereo images along known paths of motion.  We have a custom designed portable multi-directional globe photometer which can be used for measuring the statistics of illumination in natural scenes.  We have a high quality HDTV movie camera.  Finally, we have number of calibrated color cameras as well as devices for calibrating the cameras.

Natural Scenes Statistics