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What is Ward Working On?

Mon, August 30, 2010

Some research projects that Professor Keeler has accomplished are a two-CD set of classical Burmese theatre music that I produced and annotated was released this month by the Archives Internationales de Musique Populaire, housed at the Musée d'Ethnographie, Geneva.

Professor Keeler gave a talk at the International Conference of the Burma Studies Group in Marseille in July, entitled, "Why is Burmese pop music so bland and so popular?" I am currently writing it up as an article. This project is based on research I did in the month of June in Mandalay, Burma.

He also delivered a talk at the Asian Studies Meetings in Philadelphia in March, entitled, "Do the Transgendered Get a Break in Southeast Asia?" This extends an analysis I wrote up about the shifting status of transvestites in Mandalay, in an article entitled, "Why are male-to-female transvestites better than women at making women beautiful in Mandalay?", which is currently under review as part of a collection of essays on gender and sexuality in South and Southeast Asia.

Professor Ward Keeler is currently applying for funding to do longer-term research on monasteries as social institutions in Burma.

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