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Where in the World is Professor Kathleen Stewart?

Mon, September 21, 2009

Professor Stewart was the recipient of a Honorary Professorship at the University of Technology Studies in Sydney, Australia where she was invited to participate in three events over two weeks in the summer of 2009.  Professor Stewart delivered the annual University lecture and lead two workshops for students and faculty on affect described as "Worlding".  

This fall 2009, Professor Stewart was appointed a Simon Professorship at the University of Manchester, UK.  She will spend two weeks in Manchester in March delivering lectures.

While in Manchester, Professor Stewart also spoke at the CRESC 5th Annual Conference 2009: Objects - What Matters? Technology, Value and Social Change 1-4 September 2009, University of Manchester and presented a plenary lecture, "The Matter of Things".

In addition to her lecture series, Professor Kathleen Stewart continues to prepare her book, Atmospheric Attunements.  In her words, "the way we live now is an atmostpheric attunement to a personal, political and aestheric ambit that has not yet found its form but is always promising, and threatening, to do so.  It is an attending to what life could be, a collective sensing lived in the mode of potentiality.  Circulating forces are visceralized as the sheer sense of something happening.  A perturbation or disturbance in the atmosphere  animates a composition. The lived spaces and temporarlities of home, work, shock, adventure, illness, rumination, pleasure, time out, down time, setting out or return instantiate the rhythm of a present steeped in the opening, compositional event.  A sensorium attuned to atmospherics grapples not only with things or power, but with the world - a worldiing."

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