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New Faculty Colloquium - Why is Cancer More Depressing for Men than Women among White Older Adults

Dr. Tetyana Pudrovska

Wed, October 7, 2009 | GAR 2.112

4:45 PM

Using data from two waves of the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, Dr Pudrovska will examine gender differences in psychological adjustment to cancer among older White adults. Results from different types of longitudinal models reveal that cancer has more adverse psychological implications for men than women. Men's higher levels of depression after cancer are largely explained by adherence to masculinity ideals of strength, independence, and invincibility. Cancer poses a threat to the masculine identity because it entails lack of control over one's body and other consequences incompatible with hegemonic masculinity. This study contributes to sociological knowledge of the ways in which gender as a fundamental cause of health and illness shapes psychological resilience and vulnerability to cancer through meanings people attach to gender roles.


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