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UT Border Experts Series

July 19 - Cecilia Balli, Anthropology, CMAS, LLILAS

Mon, July 19, 2010

The series, called “Border Voices”, will feature faculty experts talking about issues related to immigration reform, border violence and the new Arizona law. We will release three short videos from a different faculty member each week through the November elections. As public debate rages over border and immigration issues, we hope the series can help add some civility and context to a discussion too often marked by vitriol. And we hope to make the faculty available to media covering the issues.

Mexican manhood and border violence
by Christopher Palmer and Christina Murrey
Published: July 19
In this first installment of the “Border Views” video series, Anthropology Professor Cecilia Balli discusses the new models of Mexican manhood and how they contribute to violence.

Balli studies U.S.-Mexican borderlands, gender and violence, and Latino expressive culture. She is an award-winning journalist with Texas Monthly magazine and is working on a nonfiction book about the murder of young women in Juárez.

Watch two more videos with Professor Balli from the first installment of “Border Views”:

Video 1: Balli discusses the forces that have brought immigration, violence and enforcement issues to a head this year.
Video 2: Balli discusses how the U.S. and Mexican governments are united — but also divided — over immigration and border enforcement.
About the video series

As Americans continue to debate immigration reform, border enforcement and Arizona’s recent legislation, experts from The University of Texas at Austin are offering their viewpoints on these issues through a series of online videos.

Each week, “Border Views” will showcase a different faculty member discussing such topics as the history of illegal immigration, the pros and cons of the Arizona law, the unusual political alliances that have developed around this debate and the media’s role in covering it.

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