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CWGS Guide to Research/Teaching for Women's Human Rights brownbag

Brownbag with Kristen Hogan, designer of the CWGS Guide

Wed, September 15, 2010 | WWH 202

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Participate in an introduction to the CWGS Guide to Research and Teaching for Women's Human Rights:

Brownbag with Kristen Hogan, designer of the CWGS Guide

Wednesday, September 15, 11:00am, WWH 202

Attend the brownbag for a brief overview of the site as well as an informal discussion about possible uses for and your impressions of the CWGS Guide. Please bring your lunch and enjoy our conversation. Learn more here:

The CWGS Guide to Research and Teaching for Women’s Human Rights is a curated and organized list of CWGS Faculty who both research and teach in relationship with women’s human rights. The Guide includes an alphabetical list of faculty descriptions to view the extensive range of interdisciplinary faculty work on women’s human rights. For browsing and discussion about women’s human rights, the Guide allows another view of the faculty records by keyword cluster; using keywords applied to each faculty record, the Guide organizes these records into four clusters: Identities, Literacies, Place, and Representations. These clusters each include a brief introduction to complex issues within women’s human rights discourse and uses the combination of faculty records to address these issues. For example, the “Identities” cluster combines attention to multiple individual and collective identities in order to challenge a Western individualistic construction of rights.

Use the CWGS Guide to:
introduce your students to women’s human rights and generate class discussion;
build connections with faculty for faculty, student, and community collaboration; and
develop a women’s human rights degree plan.
Visit & use the CWGS Guide here:

Sponsored by: CWGS received a five-year grant from the Embrey Family Foundation to create a Women’s Human Rights Initiative

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