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Workshops for Faculty

Teaching Women's Human Rights

Wed, February 23, 2011

We are pleased to invite you to a series of workshops on teaching critical approaches to women's human rights. We welcome you to attend any or all of the three workshops scheduled for this semester as part of the Embrey Women's Human Rights Initiative.

Each of the workshops will address readings available prior to the workshop; *please email Kristen Hogan ( if you would like to receive the readings in preparation for the workshop.

We also welcome you to forward this announcement to any interested faculty.

Teaching Women’s Human Rights
Workshops for Faculty

Workshops for and by faculty on teaching women’s human rights material in the undergraduate classroom. All faculty welcome. For each workshop we invite attendees to read selected material in advance. To receive the readings, or for more information, email Kristen Hogan at

I. Using Service-Learning and Archival Materials in Support of Women’s Human Rights Course Objectives
Wednesday, February 23, 4-5:15, Gebauer 4th Floor Conference Room
Lisa L. Moore (English/CWGS) &
Kristen Hogan (CWGS)
Help students develop a reflective approach to service learning and archival research that will avoid the pitfalls of volunteerism in the community and appropriation in the archives. Share strategies to prepare students for ethical engagement with community-based service-learning; consider how the responsibility to mutually engage with others extends to understanding archival materials.

II. Teaching a Critical Human Rights Framework for Women’s Human Rights
Wednesday, April 6, 4-5:15, Walter Webb Hall 202
Karen Engle (Law/CWGS/Rapoport Center) &
Neville Hoad (English/CWGS/Rapoport Center)
Embrace your students’ energy for human rights while engaging them in a critical reading of the contexts in which international actors shape human rights discourse. Discuss readings and strategies for replacing a benevolent western human rights world view with a self-aware and mutually engaged practice.

III. Thursday, April 21, 4-5:15, Gebauer 3rd Floor Conference Room
Teaching Women's Human Rights Material in Support of Course Objectives
Barbara Harlow (English/CWGS/Rapoport Center) &
Sharmila Rudrappa (Sociology/CWGS)
Explore how human rights texts may support courses you’re already teaching. Engage with example pedagogical strategies from the co-facilitators’ classes to understand how discussions about human rights can strengthen students’ critical thinking skills and other course objectives.

Sponsored by: Embrey Women’s Human Rights Initiative at the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies

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