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CWGS Gender, Childhood, and Youth Research Cluster presents "Childhood Studies in the Academy"

Thu, February 21, 2013 | NOTE ROOM CHANGE: CLA 1.302B

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

CWGS Gender, Childhood, and Youth Research Cluster presents

Professor Lynne Vallone of Rutgers University will be on campus on Thursday, February 21 to discuss Childhood Studies in the academy


Doing Childhood Studies


This talk will consider a number of questions key to understanding the institutionalization of the new field Childhood Studies within the global academy:  What is Childhood Studies?  Why Childhood Studies now?  How does Childhood Studies engage with other multi-disciplinary fields such as American Studies, Gender Studies and Media Studies? Along the way, Dr. Vallone will discuss the birth and development of the Department of Childhood Studies at Rutgers University, Camden—the first such department in the US granting doctoral degrees—as well as the demands inherent in creating a comprehensive curriculum and administering a multi-disciplinary enterprise that brings faculty from disciplines as divergent as psychology, anthropology, literature, history, sociology, education, nursing, and philosophy together.  Doctoral students who must bridge the methodologies and theoretical paradigms that “doing” Childhood Studies requires feel these demands keenly.  Indeed, one of the greatest challenges for Childhood Studies faculty is to create students not in our own image.


And yet, in order to serve their students and participate in the multidisciplinary arena of Childhood Studies, faculty members, too, must extend beyond the comfort and familiarity of their disciplinary silos.  This talk will also address how her work as a children’s literature scholar has developed since my inclusion in a multi-disciplinary department. She will discuss her current book in progress, “Big and Small” as a Childhood Studies project.



Sponsored by: CWGS Gender, Childhood, and Youth Research Cluster

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