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LGBTQ /Sexualities Research Cluster to host Dr. Moe Angelos

Fri, February 22, 2013 | WIN 2.112

2:00 PM

LGBTQ /Sexualities Research Cluster to host Dr. Moe Angelos

WHAT:  A presentation by Moe Angelos about her one-woman show Reborn:  The Journals of Susan Sontag


WHERE:  WIN 2.112


WHEN:  Friday February 22, 2 pm


Sponsored by:  LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster, Women’s and Gender Studies, English, Performance as Public Practice


Animating the Archive: From Page to Stage, Literally


The journals of writer Susan Sontag were made public through archival acquisition after her death in 2004 and appeared in edited, published form in 2008. As a partial roadmap to the development of Sontag’s voracious mind and very full life, the journals proved theatrical enough in book form to practically stand on stage on their own. Written language is not spoken language however, and using the traces of herself she left to posterity (journals, notebooks, polished prose, etc) to portray this iconic cultural figure as something that could actually be presented on stage was the creative task of the play Reborn: The Journals of Susan Sontag.


How do we take written language which is meant for a solitary viewer (the reader) and convert it into a theatrical grammar that can be read by simultaneously by many (an audience)?


How does lived experience intersect, influence and shape the traces we leave behind?


What did the random, untagged pigeon feather “mean” in Sontag’s archive at UCLA?


With the help of video and other visual backup, join us for a trip down the memory lane of someone else’s memories, reconstituted.


About Moe Angelos:

Moe Angelos has collaborated with The Builders Association as a performer and writer since the last century and has appeared in several Builders’ productions. Since 1988, Moe has collaborated with The Five Lesbian Brothers, which has received a Bessie, an OBIE and other dustable honors. She has worked at the WOW Café since 1981 and has appeared in the work of many downtown luminaries including Carmelita Tropicana, Anne Bogart, Holly Hughes, Lois Weaver, Kate Stafford, Brooke O’Harra, Half Straddle and The Ridiculous Theatrical Company, to name a few. To hear more of what she has to say about show business, visit and browse the artists.



And there’s more….


The Five Lesbian Brothers:  Brave Smiles

Thursday, February 21, 2-3:15 pm, Parlin 304

Angelos will discuss Brave Smiles and other work with the Five Lesbian Brothers and in downtown New York’s queer theatre world.  Class visit with E370W Gay and Lesbian Lit and Culture is open to all.


Animating Your Archive:  Writing Workshop

Saturday, February 23, 1-3 pm, location TBA

RSVP to Michael Pascual (

Hey, did you ever sit watching something and think, “I could do that”? Well, now is your chance to do it!

Please join Moe Angelos of minor queer “fame” and major, self-loathing infamy (in the good way) and get started on your solo performance career. We will explore various tools and simple structures for generating material that can be used for both stage and page, runway and print.

Bring something to write on and with, wear comfortable clothes and search your own archive (however you define that) for one portable object that has resonance for you from your life. This can be anything from an article of clothing to a keepsake to a crabby letter from a neighbor and should be something you are comfortable sharing with others. Counselors will be standing by, in case of “feelings”!



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