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Gender, Relationships, and Health Conference

Some of the conference topics include gendered strategies for coping with stress in relationships, gender stratification in health, relationships and health behaviors, body image/weight and health, domestic violence and health, and issues for practitioners and policy makers.

Fri, October 21, 2005 | Eastwoods Room, Texas Union

8:30 AM - 4:15 PM

8:45-10:15 Session I: Gender and Health: the Role of Relationships Sarah Rosenfield (Rutgers University, Sociology): Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Mental Health: The Role of Relational Schemas; Catherine Ross (UT Sociology and PRC): Education and the Vanishing Gender Gap in Depression; Carol Ryff (University of Wisconsin, Psychology): Neurobiological Pathways Linking Quality of Social Relationships to Health; Robin Simon (Florida State University, Sociology): Gender, Anger, and Health; Jamie Pennebaker (UT Psychology): Emotional Disclosure and Health 10:15-11:30 Session II: Relationships, risky behavior and health Debra Umberson (UT Sociology, PRC): For Better and for Worse: Gender, Intimate Relationships, and Health Behavior; Dorie Gilbert (UT Social Work): Gender, Relationships and HIV (Mother/Daughter Ties); Catherine Cubbin (UCSF Medicine): Sexual Behavior/Reproductive Health: STDs; Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez (UT Sociology, CMAS): Vulnerable Pleasures, Pleasurable Vulnerabilities: Mexican Men's Experiences of Lovemaking and Intimacy 12:50-2:20 Session III: Relationships and body weight/obesity Lorraine Walker (UT Nursing): Couples' Physical Activity and Health after Childbirth: Who's Influencing Who?; Kristi Williams (Ohio State University, Sociology): Personal Relationships, Stress, and the Race Gap in Obesity among Women; Sharlene Hesse- Biber (Boston College, Sociology): The Mind-Body Conundrum: Women, Success and Body Image; Chiquita Collins (UT, Sociology, PRC, CAAAS): Obesity, Culture, and Built Environment 2:30-4:00 Session IVA: Practice and Public Policy Sarah Buel (UT School of Law): Rethinking the Rhetoric of Domestic Violence Health Policy and Practice: An Impassioned Search for Woman Safety; Carole Holahan (UT Kinesiology and Health Education): Coping with Heart Disease: A Gender Perspective; Jacqueline Angel (UT, LBJ): Policy Implications of Hispanic Health in Old Age; Laura Lein (UT Social Work and Anthropology): Medical Decisions of Low Wage Mothers Without Health Insurance: Emergency Room, Debt or Doing Without 4:00-4:15 Closing Comments: Gender and Health: Public Sociology Pepper Schwartz (University of Washington, Sociology): Sexuality, Gender, and Health

Sponsored by: Organized by CWGS, co-sponsored by the CHPR: Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research in Underserved Populations, the Population Research Center, the Center for African and African

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