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Hillary Hart

CWGS Affiliate FacultyPh. D., Bryn Mawr College

Director, Faculty Innovation Center and Senior Lecturer in the Department Civil Architecture and Environmental Engineering



environmental communication, technical communication in the workplace, and engineering research ethics


A Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, Dr. Hillary Hart earned her Ph.D. in English literature from Bryn Mawr College in 1981. She joined the faculty of The University of Texas at Austin in 1987. She created and directs the civil engineering program in technical communication.

Dr. Hart researches environmental communication, technical communication in the workplace, and engineering research ethics. She develops strategies that foster productive, interactive communication among engineers, regulators, industry and the public on environmental issues, especially those involving risk. Hart also investigates strategies for integrating ethics into engineering curricula. She is currently a co-principal investigator on a two-year National Science Foundation project to develop teaching modules on research ethics for graduate engineering courses. Her research is this area seeks to develop realistic guidelines for the engineering research community on topics such as plagiarism, which have different practices in the sciences and engineering than they do in the humanities.

Research interests:

  • Environmental risk communication
  • Engineering ethics
  • Technical communication


WGS 392 • Foundatn III: Rsch Smnr In Wgs

48060 • Spring 2009
Meets M 2:00PM-5:00PM ECJ 7.202

This course is designed to prepare graduate students in gender studies and the qualitative social sciences to conduct a research project for their master’s theses or similar projects. We will explore a range of research methods and traditions as well as the epistemological assumptions underlying them. We will consider what it means to conduct “feminist” research, as well as the perils and promise of the more participatory research traditions. Some of the research methods we will explore include interviewing, survey research, case studies, textual analysis, and participant observation.

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