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Matthew McGlone

CWGS Core FacultyPh. D., Princeton University

Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies, Moody College of Communication


The role of language in persuasion, deception, and prejudice in interpersonal communication


Dr. Matt McGlone (Ph.D., Princeton University, 1994) investigates the cognitive, cultural, and psychological foundations of interpersonal communication and persuasion.  He has two principal research programs.  One explores the linguistic devices people use to overcome communication challenges – i.e., how people talk about things that are difficult to talk about.  He has studied how people use metaphors to describe abstract concepts (time, intelligence, justice, etc.), use euphemisms to describe embarrassing topics (bodily functions, prejudice, death, etc.), and resort to “contextomy” (selective quotation) to discuss complicated sociopolitical issues in self-serving ways.  A second program explores the role of social stereotypes in interpersonal interaction.  In particular, he is interested in how people’s awareness of self-relevant stereotypes can impair their communication with others, a phenomenon known as “stereotype threat.”  He has published articles in top journals in communication, psychology, sociology, and discourse studies.  He has received federal grants for his research, including a Research Opportunity Award from the National Science Foundation (2002-2004) for his work on stereotype threat and a Cognition and Student Learning (CASL) grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (2009-2012) for an intervention project designed to boost children’s academic achievement by encouraging them to conceive their minds as muscles.  He has served on the editorial board of Psychological Science and is currently on the boards of Discourse Processes and Journal of Language and Social Psychology.  He recently edited a book on deceptive communication with Mark L. Knapp (The Interplay of Truth and Deception, 2009, Routledge) and is writing a book with Joshua Aronson on stereotype threat.  Dr. McGlone teaches courses on cognition, deception, persuasion, and prejudice in interpersonal communication.

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