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Emerging Scholarship in Women's & Gender Studies Graduate Student Conference

28th Annual Emerging Scholarship in Women's and Gender Studies

Graduate Student Conference

The University of Texas at Austin

March 25-26, 2021

"The Rest for Us: Feminist Care in Times of Crisis”

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic and uprisings against anti-Black violence, we join others in turning to the idea of care. The theme for this year’s annual Emerging Scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Student Conference is The Rest for Us: Feminist Care in Times of Crisis. We use “rest” in two ways here: how do we show ourselves care through rest, and what is the rest of the work we must do for the communities we care for?

The global pandemic has moved some in-person work to virtual spaces, and community work has followed: mutual aid networks, pod networks, and gatherings online. Many people of color, disabled people, and queer and trans people have already been using online spaces in their own care and rest practices. Since moving our coursework online, however, we are dealing with a unique set of issues in an environment that makes “business as usual” impossible.

In the tradition of Black feminist thought, feminist disability studies, and third world feminist thought, this conference aims to center scholars, activists, performers, and artists who are working with care as we find ourselves in a time of fatigue. This work has changed Women’s and Gender Studies as a discipline and as a practice: as our work continues to move beyond disciplinary and institutional bounds, questions of care and rest will continue to change how feminist writers, artists, and performers create and live.


Thursday, March 25
Welcome: 10-10:15a 
Saralyn McKinnon-Crowley (she/her) – Reflections on a Pre-Pandemic Crisis of Care
Raquel Buelto (she/her) – Garifuna Women in times of COVID-19
Ana Carolina Assumpção (she/her) – Activism and Wellbeing
Gabryella Desporte (they/them) – Eye Strain: Digital Self-Care, Work-Life Boundaries, and Self Policing

Care Webs 11:45a-1pm 
Meztli Yoalli Rodríguez Aguilera (she/they) – Body-maps: Alternative Cartographies and Human- Non-Human Practices of Care
Esther Nunoo (she/her) – Enough
Gwendolyn Berumen (she/they) – Healing Together: Towards a Relational Self-Care
Stefania Garcia (she/they) – Dystopian Realities: Queer and Undocumented Activism in Oregon


Kate Nelson (she/her) - Self-Care and Rage: Stories from Grad Students in a Pandemic
Laura Baglereau (she/her) – Intersectional Feminism in the Theatre History Classroom
Joanna Batt (she/her) – The Case for Student Standpoint Theory: What can be gained from using feminist standpoint theory and other feminist ways of knowing and being in teaching?

Fatima Valdivia (she/her) – Las Botas de la Toña. Women, gender and race in the drug trafficking world
Shukri Bana (she/her) – This is a country: Apology in South Africa
Lily Kunda (she/her) – Burn it All Down: Target, Anti-Blackness, and the Myth of Progressive Capitalism


Christal Spence (she/her) – “Fresh Photos With the Bold Lighting”: Visualizing the Radical Work of Fat Black Women on Instagram
Silvana Scott (she/her) – The Dynamics and Affects of Queer Latinidad in Vida 
Appolonia Chukwu (she/her) – A Labor of Love: Black Women, Hip Hop, and Megan Thee Stallion
Nathalia Hernandez Ochoa (she/her) – Curanderas: Maya Women Resisting Violence Through Theater and Performance


Friday, March 26 
Britta Hanson (she/her) – Applying Care Ethics to Gender-Swapped Androcentric Genres in 2010s Film
Luke Hernandez (he/they) – CyberLatina, Complicating Neon Futures in Digital Games
Briana Barner (she/her) - Black Joy Headquarters: Reimagining Black Feminist Worlds Through Podcasts
Keaton Gaughan (they/he) – Electronic Music as Trans* Worldmaking: Queering Pop with Dorian Electra


Gab Alderete-Cruz (she/her) – Feminist Praxis in the Archives: Examining Historical Silences
roda osman (she/her) – The Untold Stories of Somali Women: How Western Feminism and Lack of Access Silences the Experiences of Somali Women
Erin Nolen (she/her) – Body Image in the COVID-19 Era: Current Research & Feminist Opportunities

The Rest for Us 1:30p-2:30p 
keynote roundtable, with Dr. Michelle Velasquez-Potts, Dr. Samantha Pinto, Dr. Alison Kafer and Dr. Hershini Young, moderated by Paula Benavides

INSPIRE 2:45p-3:45p

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