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Emerging Scholarship in Women's & Gender Studies Graduate Student Conference

Call for Presenters

28th Annual Emerging Scholarship in Women's and Gender Studies

Graduate Student Conference

The University of Texas at Austin

March 25-26, 2021

"The Rest for Us: Feminist Care in Times of Crisis”

The Center for Women's & Gender Studies (CWGS) conference offers graduate students the opportunity to share their research with the students and faculty of CWGS, The University of Texas at Austin community, and CWGS community partners. We invite individual papers, creative writing and artistic posters, and performance pieces from participants in any discipline whose research focuses on women's, gender, sexuality, transgender, and/or queer studies.

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic and uprisings against anti-Black violence, we join others in turning to the idea of care. The theme for this year’s conference is The Rest for Us: Feminist Care in Times of Crisis. We use “rest” in two ways here: how do we show ourselves care through rest, and what is the rest of the work we must do for the communities we care for?

The global pandemic has moved some in-person work to virtual spaces, and community work has followed: mutual aid networks, pod networks, and gatherings online. Many people of color, disabled people, and queer and trans people have already been using online spaces in their own care and rest practices. Since moving our coursework online, however, we are dealing with a unique set of issues in an environment that makes “business as usual” impossible.

In the tradition of Black feminist thought, feminist disability studies, and third world feminist thought, this conference aims to center scholars, activists, performers, and artists who are working with care as we find ourselves in a time of fatigue. This work has changed Women’s and Gender Studies as a discipline and as a practice: as our work continues to move beyond disciplinary and institutional bounds, questions of care and rest will continue to change how feminist writers, artists, and performers create and live.

Some questions to consider further are: 

  • How do you define care? Is care always feminist?
  • How do you use care in your methods? How does your work care for your subjects?
  • How can care be violent, coercive, or unwanted? How is (self) care commodified?
  • What are different meanings of care? Care with, care for, etc?
  • What does it mean to care in a capitalist, colonial and imperial state? 
  • How does your work center care for Black and Indigenous queer and trans people? 
  • Feminists have been thinking and writing about care for a long time. What is different in this moment?
  • How does your work challenge the idea of what it means to be living in a time of crisis?

Additionally, this year, we are accepting submissions for an online digital gallery. These can be any submissions that do not require live presentations or attendance, or for folks looking for an alternate way to submit their work. These submissions can include (but are not limited to) posters, visual art, poetry, and audio/visual performance.

Application form available at:

Presentation at this conference will count towards the WGS MA Program, and the WGS Graduate Portfolio Certificate and/or the WGS Graduate Portfolio Certificate LGBTQ Studies Track. We will consider work previously presented at another conference or produced during coursework, and especially encourage submissions relevant to this year’s theme.

Deadlines: January 15th, for priority consideration; February 1st, for full consideration.

For further questions, contact Shukri Bana at


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