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The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies has added a new course for the Fall, WGS 301: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, Transnational Activism and Women’s Human Rights.

Tue, August 17, 2010

This newly-added course will combine field visits with in-class discussion and multi-media texts to prepare you to engage in discussions about and activism for women’s human rights. The class appears in the course catalog as WGS301: Intro to Women’s and Gender Stds (Hogan), unique #47008. If you have any questions, please contact the instructor at; I look forward to talking with you. The flyer for the course is available here:

In WGS301: Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies: Transnational Activism & Women’s Human Rights, we will learn to think about our relationships to systems of oppression and privilege in our communities and transnationally by undertaking readings and assignments in four units: we’ll look at how gender, sexuality, and race are constructed; we’ll learn from feminist tools for critically reading media; we’ll find out how feminist theory connects with activism; and we’ll map out how all of this relates to women’s human rights education, critique, and activism. Women’s & Gender Studies is a field committed to imagining revolutionary futures, and your work in this course will prepare you to participate in activism and academic research, including the programming of the CWGS Women’s Rights Initiative.

As a project of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies Women’s Rights Initiative, funded by the Embrey Family Foundation, the women’s human rights component of this course will put you in touch with feminist spaces including archives, bookstores, the Gender & Sexuality Center, and more.

Instructor: Kristen Hogan ( is Project Director for the CWGS Women’s Rights Initiative. Her work as a literary activist has included working in feminist bookstores in Austin and Toronto as well as giving workshops on feminist literary activism, feminist teaching, and feminist anti-oppression organizing. She has taught Women’s and Gender Studies in Austin and Baton Rouge, and she draws on her academic background in literature, women’s and gender studies, and information studies to create anti-oppressive information systems.

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