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CWGS 2012 Annual Awards Reception

Thu, May 17, 2012

CWGS Student and Faculty Awards were presented at the 2012 Annual Awards reception on May 8, 2012

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Cynthia Walker Peña Scholarship - In Recognition of Their Outstanding Record of Service and Scholarship in Women's and Gender Studies

(History of Award.  Thanks to Liberal Arts for Co-Sponsorship)

Presented by: Amelia Koford

Winners:             Julie Bolanos


The Lora Romero Memorial Award for Interdisciplinary Research in Race, Ethnicity and Gender

(History of Award.  Thanks to English Dept for Co-Sponsorship)

Presented by: Kristen Hogan

Winners:              Wanjira Wurimi

                        "The Construction of the ‘Disposable’ in the Disposable Woman”

Ellen Clarke Temple Award In the Study of Women in History

Presented by: Polly Strong

Winners:            Lizeth Elizondo

                        “Till Death Do Us Part?: Cohabitation and Broken Betrothals in the Northern Spanish Colonial Borderlans 1680-1778” 


Women's and Gender Studies Dissertation Fellowship

Presented by Ruramisai Charumbira, Loriene Roy

Winners:             Lynn Selby           

“The Collective Dimensions of the Ethic of Care: Women’s Political Subject-Making in Martissant, Haiti”


Women's and Gender Studies MA Thesis Award

Presented by: Kristen Hogan, Susan Sage Heinzelman 

Winners: Amelia Koford

                        ‘Strong Views About What You Call Things’: How Disability Studies Scholars Interact with Information Classification Systems”


            Lorena Siller Urtega

                        “Ni Domesticas Ni Putas: Sexual Harassment in the Lives of Female Household Workers in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon”                         


Lucia, John, and Melissa Gilbert Teaching Excellence Award in WGS

Presented by Lisa Moore

Winner:             Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez


Congratulations, Class of 2012!

Women’s & Gender Studies, Bachelor’s of Arts Degree

August 2012

Teri Joanna Adams

Jacqueline Marie Artis

Julie Diane Bolanos

Arturo A. Chapa III

Lauren Renee Cozart

Victoria Rose Haring

Erica G. Hernandez

Megan Elizabeth Jackson

Alexandra Autumn Messenger

Wanjira Murimi

Megan Ann Susong

Riley Edward Toliver

Andrea Zarate


August 2012

Mary Louann Murphy*

Farah Nawaz Shalwani*

Keeshia Reyes Sison*


Women’s & Gender Studies, Master’s of Arts Degree


May 2012

Katherine Briggs

Amelia Koford

Lorena Siller

Danielle Yu Wang


August 2012

Lydia Crafts Putnam

Kristin Krenz

Jennifer Morris

Juan Portillo

Tynisha Scott

Beck Wise


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