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Resource List on Support of LGBT Parenting 2012

Wed, June 6, 2012

Staff at the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies and the Gender & Sexuality Center at The University of Texas at Austin compiled this brief resource list to help readers analyze newly-released research on children of parents who have same-sex relationships. The list will help readers analyze this new research in the context of prior research and evidence about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) parenting. The bulk of the research and evidence suggests, and we believe, that children of LGBT parents are at no disadvantage compared to children of heterosexual parents. We encourage students, scholars, LGBT people thinking of becoming parents, and children of LGBT parents to use the resources available in the UT-Austin community and beyond.

We also see critiques of non-traditional families as interweaving systems of oppression. Arguments that stability only exists within a heterosexual nuclear family are arguments against a range of family formations including single-parent families, unmarried heterosexual families, extended families, and blended and chosen families. A critique of LGBT families is also necessarily related to racialization and economic class. Recently in North Carolina and elsewhere, critiques of non-traditional families have generated alliances among people of color, LGBT activists, white antiracist allies, economic justice advocates, and those whose identities blur these boundaries. These coalitions point us back to family scholars like Dana Berkowitz, who reminds us, “all our families are queer; lesbian and gay families simply show us this with added intensity.”

Find the full resource list here:

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