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Take a Stand for Asian and Asian American Lives

Statement released on March 23, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

The College of Liberal Arts is home to many Asian and Asian American students, faculty and staff, and we stand with them in solidarity against the prejudice and hate that has fueled a growing number of violent acts in this country, amplified last week by the shootings in Atlanta.

We must come together to confront and condemn such despicable acts, and increase our efforts to learn and celebrate the richness of our nation’s diverse heritage. Our college is proud to be home to the Center for Asian American Studies, the Department of Asian Studies, the South Asia Institute, the Center for East Asian Studies and the many other programs and groups that explore and build upon the abundant artistic, literary, socio-cultural and scientific achievements of Asians and Asian Americans. These departments and centers serve the critical purpose of increasing understanding of cultures, regions and people, and our research and teaching form critical tools in combatting hate and division.

None of us should live in fear of violence, least of all violence targeted on the basis of race or gender. Please continue your important work of teaching and learning, and supporting each other in the face of hate and fear.


Ann Huff Stevens

Steven Hoelscher
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Mia Carter
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Robert Crosnoe
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Monique Pikus
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Black Lives Matter

Statement released on June 1, 2020

Dear College of Liberal Arts Community,

All of us have been closely following the events in the last week with troubled hearts, and by now many of you have read the message from Interim President Jay Hartzell, but we wanted to reach out personally to share the College’s perspective.

We are horrified and condemn in the strongest terms the recent acts of violence against the African American community and all communities of color, and we stand in solidarity with the peaceful protestors who are demanding justice.

Those who study the liberal arts understand that these acts are not isolated incidents but are connected to a long history of inequity, evident not only in cases of police violence but also in the disproportionate burdens borne by people of color in the COVID-19 pandemic and in other health-related issues.

Although we are encouraged by the acts of kindness and unity we have seen in the midst of this turmoil, we also understand the anger, grief, frustration and fear experienced by our African American students, faculty and staff. We deeply value you and the contributions you make to our shared community and the world, and want you to know that we are here to support you, now and in the years to come, including action-oriented steps that are being developed by the College’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan Task Force. Please know that you can contact Dr. Pikus directly with your thoughts and concerns.

The faculty, staff and students in our College are uniquely poised to address complex issues, including these inequities. We encourage you to use your expertise and experience to help create a more just and cohesive society.


Ann Stevens
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Monique Pikus
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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