Ethnic and Third World Literature
Ethnic and Third World Literature
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Photo of Brian A Bremen

Brian A Bremen

Associate Professor |
(512) 471-7842 |
PAR 127

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Princeton University

Interests: American Literature, Modernism, the Digital Humanities, writers of the Harlem Renaissance, and Literary Theory.

Photo of Mia Carter

Mia Carter


Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Photo of James H. Cox

James H. Cox


Education: Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Interests: Native American literature and film; ethnic US literatures; literature of immigration; American literature since 1920

Photo of Elizabeth Cullingford

Elizabeth Cullingford


Education: Ph.D., Oxford University

Brian Doherty


Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Photo of John Morán González

John Morán González

J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American & English Literature |
512-471-8117 |
PAR 321

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: Latinx literature; U.S. literature; narrative theory; postcolonial studies; environmental literature

Photo of Geraldine Heng

Geraldine Heng


Education: Ph.D., Cornell University

Photo of Neville Hoad

Neville Hoad


Education: Ph.D., 1998, Columbia University

Photo of Heather Houser

Heather Houser

(she/her) |
512.471.8766 |
PAR 228

Education: Ph.D., 2010, Stanford University

Photo of Coleman Hutchison

Coleman Hutchison

Associate Professor |
512/471-8372 |
CAL 314

Education: Ph.D., 2006, Northwestern University

Photo of Lisa L Moore

Lisa L Moore


Education: Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University

Photo of Gretchen Murphy

Gretchen Murphy


Education: Ph.D., 1999, University of Washington

Photo of Domino R. Perez

Domino R. Perez

Associate Professor |
512-232-9434 |
CAL 401

Education: Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Interests: Young Adult Fiction; Mexican American and Latinx Literature and Culture; American Literature; Popular Culture; Film; Cultural Studies

Photo of Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

Associate Professor; Director, Program in Comparative Literature |
512-232-5708 |
Parlin 119

Education: Ph.D., 1992, Columbia University

Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century European drama; Oscar Wilde; the Gothic and Orientalism; decadence; detective fiction; aesthetic and literary theory; literature and the fine arts.

Photo of Snehal Shingavi

Snehal Shingavi

Associate Professor |
512-471-8114 |
PAR 26

Education: PhD, University of California-Berkeley

Interests: Anglophone South Asian literature, 20th century literature, Hindi/Urdu literature, Literature in Translation and Translation Theory, Theories of “the nation” and/or postcolonialism, Classical Marxism, Ethnic and Third World Literature, Asian American Literature

Photo of Jennifer M. Wilks

Jennifer M. Wilks


Education: Ph.D., 2003, Cornell University

Photo of Helena Woodard

Helena Woodard


Education: Ph.D., 1991, English, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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