Chinese Studies at the University of Texas at Austin

The study of China takes place in various departments, schools, and research
centers throughout the University of Texas at Austin.  Faculty who teach and
conduct research about China are located in Asian Studies, History,
Government, Art & Art History, Sociology, and Radio-Television-Film, as well
as in the schools of Journalism, Public Affairs, and Social Work. The Center
for East Asian Studies reaches across these units to foster
interdisciplinary collaboration and to provide resources to further the
creation and dissemination of knowledge about China. Funding is provided by
the China Endowment, which supports teaching and research about China and
many of the special events that are held at the Center. These events include
film screenings, seminars, conferences, special lectures, and brown bag
lunches and are intended to promote a better understanding of China within
the broad University of Texas community. Guest lecturers come from a
multitude of disciplinary backgrounds, and seminars are often sponsored in
conjunction with other departments within the university.

The China Program offers courses in the language, culture, history,
politics, literature, religion, philosophy, and art of ancient and modern
China.  Students pursue the study of China through an interdisciplinary M.A.
program in the Department of Asian Studies or as part of a disciplinary
degree program in various programs throughout the College of Liberal Arts
and other schools of the university.  Find out more about courses and degree
programs in Chinese Studies offered at the University of Texas at Austin by
consulting the Department of Asian Studies website.