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East Asia Graduate Student Forum

The East Asia Graduate Student Forum (EAGSF) is the official organization for graduate students who focus on the study of East Asia at the University of Texas at Austin. Our mission is to foster a sense of community among graduate students, to serve as a forum for discussing the most relevant and current topics, literature, and debates concerning the East Asian region, and to facilitate a rigorous intellectual collective interested in advancing the knowledge of East Asia.

As part of our mission, we work in conjunction with the Center for East Asian Studies and the Department of Asian studies to host events for Asia-related lectures, workshops, and conferences.

Chair: Shaohua Guo
Advisor: William Hurst, Department of Government

List of events:

Brown-bag lunches
Over the course of the semester the EAGSF arranges to have an informal lunch with faculty at UT who are pursuing research in East Asia. These brown-bag lunches allow graduate students the opportunity to find out about the most cutting edge research in the field as well as casually discuss research trends and areas of interest.

Film premiers and discussions
In an effort to broaden the horizons of graduate students, EAGSF sponsors film screenings of both feature and documentary films on East Asia.  The screenings are followed by invaluable student discussions that are moderated by EAGSF members.

Paper workshops
The EAGSF was founded in order to provide an association where graduate students could share their research in an informal atmosphere as preparation for presentations at conferences. The paper workshops are integral to this preparation, as students distribute their work to the group for peer review, and at least once a semester a mock-presentation forum is held to allow students the opportunity to present in front of their peers and receive feedback.

Post-lecture discussions
After every East Asia guest speaker, the EAGSF holds an informal but rigorous post-lecture discussion where students can regroup and grapple with the subjects discussed in the talk. These discussions are invaluable as they provide a way for graduate students to integrate material that often seems tangential to their research into the greater body of knowledge about East Asia.