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NATSA Conference: Program

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List of Panels

Main #1: Re/Making Minorities: Spatialization of Law and Ethnicity in Taiwan's Context

Main #2: Cinematic Space In Taiwanese Films

Main #3: Engendering Policy and Knowledge

Main #4: Virtual Community? The Potential and Limitation of New Media

Main #5: In Search of Taiwan through Literary Narrative

Main #6: Taiwanese Local Culture Revisited

A #1: Development and Reform in Taiwan's Legal System

A #2: National and Local Politics in Taiwan: Electing Democracy and Independence

A #3: Taiwan in the Cross-Strait Context

B #1 : Governance and Politics of Environmental Consciousness

C #1: Migrating Identities, Negotiating Space

C #2: Hello Kitty, Curry, and the Yankees! : Popular Culture in the Nexus of Taiwan, Japan, and America

C #3: Archeology of Taiwanese Identity

C #4: History in the Remaking: Perspectives from Film and Literature