Contemporary Japanese Film Series

Wed, November 14, 2012 | UNB 2.228

6:00 PM

Contemporary Japanese Film Series

The 8th Annual Japan Foundation Film Series is proud to present 35mm screenings of contemporary Japanese films by some of the most highly acclaimed directors working  in Japan today.

Screenings will be preceded by a brief introduction of the films and directors.

Wednesday Nights at 6 p.m. in UNB 2.228

Nov. 7, Nov. 14, Nov. 28, and Dec. 5, 2012


Wednesday Nov. 7, 2012: The Matsugane Potshot Affair (dir. Yamashita Nobuhiro, 2006)
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012: A Stranger of Mine (dir. Uchida Kenji, 2004)
WednesdayNov. 28, 2012: Dog in a Sidecar   (dir. Negishi Kichitaro, 2008)          
WednesdayDec. 5, 2012: Hanging Garden  (dir. Toyoda Toshiaki, 2005)
The Matsugane Potshot Affair:  A deliciously absurd dark comedy about two brothers who find themselves hilariously catapulted onto different sides of the law after a woman's body is discovered on the outskirts of their dead-end hometown of Matsugane.
A Stranger of Mine: An interlocking story of one night in the lives of five lost souls in Tokyo -  two lovers, an ex-wife, a private eye, and a mob boss - that includes extortion plots, a stack of missing money, and a gang of angry yakuza.
Dog in a Sidecar: A heartwarming story of an unexpected friendship that grows between the subdued 10-year old Kaoru and her father's unconventional and irrepressible mistress when she comes to live with the family after their conservative, bourgeois mother walks out. 
Hanging Garden: A drama about the unusual Kyobashi family who practices a fanatical brand of honesty with no taboo subjects, from sex to childbirth. But each of its members has its own secret that gnaws away at them and finally explodes in  one truly honest conversation at a drunken birthday celebration.


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