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Extramural Affiliate Faculty

Sandy F. Chang
Assistant Professor, University of Florida
sandychang@ufl.edu  | 352-273-3378
Education:  Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
Interests:  Chinese migration and diaspora, colonial Southeast Asia, gender and sexuality, modern border regimes, inter-Asian connections, comparative colonialisms

Shaohua Guo
Associate Professor, Carleton College
Asian Languages and Literature
sguo@carleton.edu  | 507-222-5957  
Education:  Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
Interests:  Cultural studies of digital media, contemporary Chinese studies, popular cultures in East Asia, Chinese language pedagogy

Ming-Huei Wang
Executive Editor, Taiwan Lit; Adjunct Assistant Professor, World Languages and Cultures, Iowa State University
Education:  Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures, The University of Texas at Austin
Interests:  My research and pedagogical interests are both in the areas of modern Chinese and Taiwan language, literature, and culture, with particular emphasis on essay writing, Chinese lyricism and emotion, and the literary legacies from China’s Republican period in postwar Sinitic-language communities. I am particularly interested in understanding the affective affordance of literary forms in varying contexts. My work has primarily focused on essay writing and its role in shaping and negotiating sensibilities and social values in Taiwan, particularly during the island’s transition to democratization toward the end of the Cold War era.