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Photo of Sung-Sheng (Yvonne) Chang

Sung-Sheng (Yvonne) Chang


yvonne@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6036 |
WCH 4.124

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: Chinese Area IV and Literature

Rowena Fong

Professor, Ruby Lee Piester Centennial Professor in Services to Children and Families

rfong@austin.utexas.edu |
(512) 471-1393 |
School of Social Work: 3.122G

Education: Ed.D., Harvard University

Photo of Madeline Y. Hsu

Madeline Y. Hsu

Professor; Department of History

myhsu@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-9303 |
GAR 3.404

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Interests: Asian American studies, Cold War, migration, transnationalism, and ethnic studies

Photo of Su Yeong Kim

Su Yeong Kim

Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences, College of Natural Sciences

su.yeong.kim@utexas.edu |
(512) 471-5524 |
SEA 2.322G

Education: Ph.D. Human Development and Family Sciences, University of California, Davis

Interests: Mexican American and Chinese American families and immigration, acculturation, language brokering, parenting, depressive symptoms, school achievement, measurement invariance

Photo of Huaiyin Li

Huaiyin Li

Professor, Director of Center for East Asian Studies

hli@utexas.edu |
512-475-7910 |
GAR 3.202

Education: PhD, UCLA, Department of History

Interests: Modern Chinese history; Contemporary Chinese economy, society, and politics; Imperial China; Chinese culture and religion; Gender and family; Agrarian studieS; Comparative studies of development and globalization

Photo of Patricia Maclachlan

Patricia Maclachlan

Professor of Government and Asian Studies; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Professor of Japanese Studies

pmaclachlan@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-1724 |
BAT 3.150

Education: Ph.D., Columbia University

Interests: Comparative Politics; Politics of Japan and East Asia

Photo of John W. Traphagan

John W. Traphagan


jtrap@utexas.edu |
512-232-0874 |
BUR 520

Education: Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Interests: Astrobiology | Japanese religion & society | ritual | medical anthropology | science, technology, and culture | ruralities in Japan

Photo of Scott Wolford

Scott Wolford


swolford@austin.utexas.edu |
BAT 4.152

Education: Ph.D., Emory University

Interests: International Conflict, International Institutions, Game Theory

Associate Professors

Photo of Kirsten Cather

Kirsten Cather

Associate Professor

kcather@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-0031 |
WCH 4.112

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Interests: modern Japanese literature and film; censorship, suicide, and death in modern Japan; adaptations; translation theory and practice

Lalitha Gopalan

Associate Professor

lalitha.gopalan@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-4071 |
CMA 6.118

Education: PhD, University of Rochester

Photo of Heather Hindman

Heather Hindman

Associate Professor

h.hindman@mail.utexas.edu |
512-471-1667 |
WCH 4.104C

Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Interests: Critical development, entrepreneurialism, expatriate communities, social theory, global labor and gender

Xiaofen Keating

Associate Professor

xk93@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-3565 |
SZB 428N

Photo of Ward Keeler

Ward Keeler

Associate Professor

ward.keeler@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-8520 |
SAC 4.128

Education: PhD, University of Chicago

Interests: Anthropology and expressive culture, including music, theatre, and literature; language and culture; postcoloniality; Java and Bali (Indonesia), and Burma.

Photo of Tse-min Lin

Tse-min Lin

Associate Professor

tml@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-7248 |
BAT 4.144

Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Photo of Xiaobo Lü

Xiaobo Lü

Associate Professor

xiaobolu@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-7257 |
BAT 3.152

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Interests: Distributive politics of development; Chinese politics; comparative and international political economy

Photo of Robert M Oppenheim

Robert M Oppenheim


rmo@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-7279 |
WCH 5.134

Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Interests: Korean anthropology and history; science/tech/society; heritage; objects/materiality; history of anthropology

Assistant Professors

Photo of Wenhong Chen

Wenhong Chen

Assistant Professor

wenhong.chen@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-4952 |
CMA 5.142

Education: Ph.D., University of Toronto

Joshua Eisenman

Assistant Professor


Brian Hurley

Assistant Professor

brian.hurley@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6048 |
WCH 4.104E

Photo of Grace MyHyun Kim

Grace MyHyun Kim

Assistant Professor

grace@austin.utexas.edu |
(512) 232-4861 |
SZB 334B

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Amy Liu

Amy Liu

Assistant Professor


Education: Ph.D., Emory University

Photo of Youjeong Oh

Youjeong Oh

Assistant Professor

youjeong@utexas.edu |
512-475-6032 |
WCH 5.114

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Urban processes in Korea and East Asia; Neoliberalism and Urban Space; Korean popular culture

Luke Waring

Assistant Professor

luke.waring@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6024 |
WCH 4.122

Education: Ph.D., Princeton University

Interests: Early Chinese literature and cultural history (1250 BCE-220 CE).


Joseph Schaub

(on leave)

joseph.schaub@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6048 |
WCH 5.103

Education: Ph.D, University of Maryland, College Park

Senior Lecturers

Photo of Yukie Aida

Yukie Aida

Senior Lecturer

aiday@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6049 |
WCH 5.110

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Camilla H Hsieh

Camilla H Hsieh

Senior Lecturer

camilla@utexas.edu |
512-475-6046 |
WCH 5.132

Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas

Interests: Chinese language pedagogy

Photo of Chiu-Mi Lai

Chiu-Mi Lai

Distinguished Senior Lecturer

cmlai@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-5811 (main) |
WCH 4.114

Education: Ph.D., University of Washington

Photo of Naoko Suito

Naoko Suito

Senior Lecturer

n.suito@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-8497 |
WCH 4.110

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas

Interests: Japanese language; Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology

Photo of Wen-Hua Teng

Wen-Hua Teng

Senior Lecturer

whteng@utexas.edu |
512-475-6047 |
WCH 5.128

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Pedagogical grammar of Chinese; curriculum design; technology-enhanced CFL pedagogy


Photo of Chih-Wei (Elsa) Chang

Chih-Wei (Elsa) Chang


elsa.chang@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6041 |
WCH 5.116

Education: MA, Univeristy of Texas at Austin

Photo of Jeanette C Chen

Jeanette C Chen


jeanettechen@utexas.edu |
512-475-6041 |
WCH 5.116

Interests: Languages

Photo of Chikako H Cooke

Chikako H Cooke


hirayama_cooke@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6035 |
WCH 5.104A

Photo of Kaori Duffey

Kaori Duffey


kaorid@utexas.edu |
512-471-1843 |
WCH 5.136

Photo of Junko Hatanaka

Junko Hatanaka


jhatanaka@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6042 |
WCH 5.124

Education: MA in Japanese, MS in Rhetoric and Technical Communications, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan Technological University

Akemi Katayama


akataya@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-8497 |
WCH 5.105

Education: MA, 2012, MA, 1996, The University of Alberta, Portland State University

Interests: Second language acquisition and language pedagogy

Photo of Eun Joo Kim

Eun Joo Kim


kim.eunjoo@austin.utexas.edu |
WCH 5.104B

Education: BA, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

Photo of Mina Kim

Mina Kim


mina.kim@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6045 |
WCH 5.130

Education: M.A, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

Interests: Korean language and lingustics, Korean language pedagogy

Photo of Yi-Chun Lin

Yi-Chun Lin


yichunlin@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6042 |
WCH 5.124

Education: M.A., Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University.

Photo of Yongfeng Liu

Yongfeng Liu


yongfengliu@utexas.edu |
512-475-6043 |

Photo of Alice McCoy-Bae

Alice McCoy-Bae


mccoy-bae@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-1843 |
WCH 5.136

Education: M.S., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Korean Language, Korean language pedagogy, film representations of a social reality in Korea, women and gender issues in Korea, Korean food culture, and social media and its impact on learning Korean

Shelby Oxenford


shelby.oxenford@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6011 |
WCH 4.116

Photo of Saori Suto

Saori Suto


saori.suto@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6042 |
WCH 5.124

Education: MA, California State University, Long Beach

Photo of Midori Tanaka

Midori Tanaka


midori@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-7104 |
WCH 5.138

Education: MA, University of Oregon

Interests: Japanese language and lingustics; pedagogy

Photo of Shohko Yanagisawa

Shohko Yanagisawa


syanagisawa@utexas.edu |
512-475-6045 |
WCH 5.130

Education: M.A., Purdue University

Other faculty

Tracy Dahlby

Professor, Frank A. Bennack, Jr. Chair in Journalism

tracy.dahlby@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-6272 |
CMA 5.150F

Education: MA, Harvard University

Photo of Susan Mays

Susan Mays


smays@utexas.edu |
BUR 562

Education: PhD and MA, Columbia and Harvard

Interests: East Asia and China; economic & technological development; global economic history

Meng-Fen Su

East Asian Studies Librarian

msu@austin.utexas.edu |
512-495-4323 |
PCL 2.302A